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Healing Works is a site dedicated to emotional and spiritual healing. We are a collective of accredited healers specialising in energy healing and spiritual work. Our founder organisation is Sufi Healers.

We teach people how to deal with their emotions and help them deal with their past so they can move more swiftly towards their future.

We are experts in helping people to face their problems, their feelings and their fears.

Within our collective sits a wealth of experience in the energy healing field including Reiki and Sufi healing. We also incorporate a range of healing modalities including energy transmissions and Emotion Code.

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Popular Healing Sessions

  • As a complimentary therapy, Reiki supports and activates your ability to heal yourself. Reiki is an intuitive energy that works with the body’s own energy system and will support a sense of balance. Distance and in person sessions available.

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  • Healing Bodywork is a more intense massage based session that pulls out emotional energy from where it is sitting inside the physical body. Our physical body holds the energy of all the emotional ups and downs that we have been through. This session helps to draw out that energy.

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  • Sufi healing offers you a way of discerning if your issues and blocks are down to deeper spiritual issues. Spiritual issues are often a hindrance to this so we undertake a spiritual check first to establish what the cause is and then there is a course of treatment that follows alongside teaching you how to build resilience from the inside out.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • From my first deep healing session with Hafsa I was blown away, not only from the session itself but from the results I experienced soon after. I came to Hafsa primarily after having a yearlong difficulty with my sleep. I have an auto immune condition called Lupus that I have made great progress with the last few years however it was only until this year that realised how much emotional healing I needed to do in order to fully heal and move past the last few symptoms I was having difficulty with. This mainly included bad chronic fatigue, sleep issues (recurring nightmares, insomnia, not being able to sleep alone), anxiety and depression. After my first session I was able to sleep by myself and my nightmares became something of the past. I’ve seen many improvements in myself and the areas I previously had a lot of difficulty with and I was just amazed at how Hafsa was able to pinpoint what was going on with me before the session even properly began.

  • Hafsa was really good and made me feel at ease on my first session. Had a wonderful calming experience and she unblocked some of my energy centres. I wanted to learn Reiki and booked in to do the level 1 course with her. It was really a great experience and I am continuing to practice the exercises to develop myself. Can’t wait to go back to do my level 2, but I know I need to wait for a few months!!

    Sridhar Govindarajan
  • Not only has Hafsa led me through my reiki training and taught me to be an instinctive practitioner in the past year, I have today visited her for some healing bodywork - Something unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Hafsa used lots of her toolkit to help me release stuff I didn’t even realise was there! She knew where issues had stemmed from and helped me to pinpoint how to clear them. Hafsa is incredibly instinctive and knowledgable and I wouldn’t trust my own healing to anyone else. What she does is next level. If you really want to do some serious work on yourself and don’t know where to start, give her a call. Hafsa was welcoming and had a warm presence that put me at complete ease. I felt as though all was just right. All questions answered clearly and openly so I had 0 reservations in going forward. Thank you again Hafsa, see you again for my 2nd session soon. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Anyone considering a session- take the dive! It's so worth it :D

    Louise Baker
  • I completed Level 1 (Reiki First Degree) and my experience with Hafsa as a teacher was a great one. Hafsa has a personality that automatically puts you at ease. This and her passion for Reiki make her an excellent choice. I am looking forward to going back to do the next level.

    Melisa Wright
  • This weekend (Reiki 1) is just the begining of the journey but what a beginning it was thanks to Hafsa! Her knowledge, her experience, her belief and the way she shares such an amazing gift..... thank you!!

    Katie Darcy

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