A day in the life of the self-employed….

So…as I sit here in Costa Beaumont Leys at 1.30pm on a Saturday afternoon, I thought I’d write a blog just to reassure you all that being self-employed isn’t all about lounging in your PJ’s and drinking coffee. Although, drinking good coffee does help!

You never quite know what something’s going to feel like until you’re actually doing it. In my head, I imagined self-employed life very differently. Two weeks in, and I can see that this is a whole different ball game to what I was used to at the council. It’s safe to say that my comfort zone is being stretched all the time! I imagined that I would wake up at 7am, stroll down to the pool and take a swim, work on a few clients, have a spot of lunch…erm…turns out it really isn’t as relaxed as that!

I sort of anticipated that I would feel a little lost, so I deliberately made sure that my first week was a full week and I was busying myself. The idea was that I’d have adapted to a new way of being before I caught myself missing the 9 – 5. That’s kind of happened, but week two has been an eye-opener. The adrenalin fuelled life shows no sign of letting up…!

Don’t be fooled…there hasn’t been much time to relax! Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving it, but I think I’m going to have to build my stamina! Freedom can be overwhelming, and I don’t think I realised just how much I was taking on. If anything, it has shown me how much I am capable of taking on and there’s so much more! I think for the most part, I made this big step smaller to be able to process it and feel comfortable with it. I now realise not only how big the step was, but how big I have become to be able to take this in my stride makes me feel a sense of real achievement.

Nothing arrives until you’re ready for it. Had this happened a year ago, I’d have crumbled under the pressure. I’m adapting, slowly but surely. I’m very fortunate to have a strong foundation in my friends and family and that really helps. I think the other big realisation is being able to give myself credit for what I’ve done. I didn’t really get it before, but confidence is a massive factor in making something work and that doesn’t come overnight.

Each time I help a client to develop their confidence, there’s a part of me that grows with them, and perhaps they don’t realise that. People who have “got it together” are still working on “getting it together.”

I think the biggest and nicest realisation is that I understand the meaning of working hard, playing harder. Life feels much more free and easy and my focus is very much on this. I’m blessed and fortunate to be able to say that I am living my dream, and that dream requires me to live very much in the moment. They say everything in your life leads you up to the moment you are in, and when I reflect on some of the darker moments, I can totally understand and let go of those moments because without them I wouldn’t be here. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to reach as many people as I do. Without them, I wouldn’t be making the impact I am making. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to acknowledge the impact and have the self-assurance that I need to make this work.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve really started to understand the impact of what I do. I can see the transformation in my clients and it’s helped me to really get under the bonnet of my work. For me, that’s the mission. Reach and help, and that comes from a place of love. I do my work because of this feeling of free that I have, and it makes me a different kind of happy. I’ve found the happy that people search for, and it means that I can show people where to look when they’re ready to find the same.

So my new strapline is…if you’re ready for change, I’m ready to help!!! And that really does come from a place of love. This stuff doesn’t work without sincerety.

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Love and light,


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