A new year… A new start

Happy new year to you all. What can I say? It’s usually towards the end of the year that I begin to undertake the process of reflection on the year gone by and set my intentions for the coming year. 2021 has been somewhat of an anomaly to say the least with plenty happening on a personal and professional level. It’s been a bit crazy to say the least.

2021 turned out to be year of everything unexpected for me. It forced my heart open in a way I never thought was possible. It was the year I lost my best friend and companion. It was the year everything had to fall about to be re-constructed.

Sometimes in life, you have to properly take everything to pieces and start again. Life gets messy and we fall in to patterns of being that don’t necessarily serve us. Generally speaking, we hurt and then we protect ourselves and then the pattern of protection becomes the way we design our lives.

It’s like with anything…it’s become what it has become but every now and then, we need to review it to see if it’s still fit for purpose. This is why I do my annual review because it is a way of appraising whether I’m operating on defences and protection or whether I need to tweak and change in order to get where I need to go.

I always look over the intentions that I set myself last year and I have to say this is the first year in which I really feel like I’ve got everything I asked for…and a whole lot more on top. So setting the intentions for the year ahead felt much more difficult for me.

Life is changing pretty rapidly over here at Healing Works. Who knows what the future holds?

The year gone by has taught me some important life lessons. It’s been a year of growth, testing faith and hope and overcoming the shadows. Not just for me, but for my clients too. The theme has been coming back to your truest self and dropping all pretences.

I think 2021 was the year I learnt to live and when we learn to live with a passion, it enhances our capacity to help others do the same. 2021 was full of laughter, love and inspiration to do better, to pursue what sets us alight and makes us shine.

There’s a few changes in the pipeline…some planned and some unplanned but as ever, we are open to being guided by the management.

I pray for all good things for us all.

Peace and blessings


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