Am I Psychic…or Intuitive…?


I tend to keep away from calling myself “psychic” as the word conjures up images of a Gypsy traveller lady, dressed in purple with a scarf wrapped round her head and crystal ball. It’s interesting if you use the word psychic, people immediately jump straight to, “Can you tell what I’m thinking?” In the same vein, every time I’ve mentioned my first degree was in Psychology, people say “You must be able to read my mind.” In a world where Psychologists are taken more seriously than psychics, however people think they both do the same thing.

Interestingly, for me intuitive is my happy balance. Intuition is inbuilt, innate and it is something that we all have, and can be developed. It’s a gut instinct. When you study Reiki, you learn that centre of balance both physically and energetically is in your Tanden. The Tanden sits two finger widths below your belly button and a third of the way in. It’s the same place your gut instinct sits, the same place you feel the butterflies in your belly.

So, effectively learning Reiki and understanding how your own energy works enhances your intuition. The daily energy exercises taught in Reiki are designed to strengthen and develop this core. This core is the seat of your personal power, your creativity and your intuition. It’s no surprise then when Reiki is taught in the right way, it has the power to radically transform your life. It changed my life, and this is why I’m so passionate about it when I teach it. I love to see people grow. Students walk in on a Saturday morning as one person, and by the end of the day Sunday I can already see how much they have changed. Over time, I’ve seen the students I’ve taught grow in confidence and intuitive ability and it’s amazing. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do.

Intuition is a skill that is sought after and I find in my work, it’s the intuitive insight that people find most helpful. If you read my reviews, you’ll see that most of them mention my insights as being accurate. This is because I can see things in you that go deeper than what you show on the outside. It is one of my most powerful tools and it is an integral part of my work, as well as how I live my life. If you’re using your intuition, the way forward is lit up for you. It is just our minds that obscure our vision sometimes.

So is intuition something you are born with or something you can learn? I believe we all have intuition, however it’s our ability to use it that needs to be developed. We have our 5 physical senses, but in addition to these senses we have “metaphysical senses” and these help us to see beyond just what our physical senses are telling us. This is the ability to “perceive truth independent of any reasoning process” (using the definition of intuition). The metaphysical senses are ways in which this additional truth or information is received, and sometimes we say this is how we receive our messages.

Clairvoyance is receiving information through visual images in your mind. Often when I am doing a reading, or talking to someone I will see images in my mind and conveying what I see usually helps the client to relate to the image as it depicts how they are feeling.

Clairaudience is hearing your messages. This isn’t like a loud voice, but it feels like there’s words that appear silently. When I first learnt Reiki, I started to understand this information better. Often if I’m channelling information for the client, I’ll just repeat the words I’m hearing.

Clairsentience is feeling on behalf of the other person. When a client first sits down in the healing room, as they begin talking, I tune in to their energy and I can feel where in the body they are feeling blocked. People always seem surprised when I can poke them in the exact spot where the pain is. This is because I am feeling it in my body as I tune in.

Claircognisance is a sense of just knowing. It is difficult to describe, and I think this is more difficult to develop as it involves really trusting yourself and your intuition.

So as you read this, you’ll recognise for yourself how you receive information and how your intuition works for you. I work on the premise that we are all connected, and this is what enables me to tune in to your inner being and retrieve the wisdom within. This is why the insight I give resonates with you. You recognise that truth as coming from a place deep within yourself. Once you can see it, you can begin working with it and this is why what I do really helps that shift in a positive direction.

In healing, these insights are what really help people to find a way forward. During a session with me, I connect to you in this way and retrieve the information you need to find a way forward. I work in a different way to most other healers. This is why I say that you have to experience what I do. It seems really out there, and even the most sceptical of people have come away from sessions with deep insights that have helped them move forward. It isn’t Gypsy Rose Lee stuff – this is what’s possible through connecting to energy and learning how to use it.

More recently, I’ve been working with business people teaching them how to develop in this way as it is an extremely powerful, but hidden tool. The way I teach is unique and my style is accessible. I do everything with a sense of humour which makes difficult parts of the self-discovery process easier to manage.

This is me.

This is what I do.

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