Ascension Energy Update, 10th September, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. Yesterday was the opening of another important energy portal (9/9) bringing yet more turbulence, chaos and purging.

Following the almost ecstatic buzz of the previous week, it feels like we’re all on the comedown. There was a lot placed in to the vortex when the energy was high and off the back of that, we’re now in the purging window which is set to continue until the next moon.

The healing room has seen a lot of purging this week and the message seems to be that instead of taking it as one big change, break it down in to smaller steps. Take each step in alignment with what your heart is telling you. We’ve been working to break down the overwhelm quite a lot this week.

The energies are interesting as it feels like someone has pressed the pause button. It’s like the world has stood still but your internal momentum continues to churn. This stillness always allows us to see things from different angles and in different lights. When the matrix is paused, it allows you to step around and look at things from a different perspective.

New truths seem to be coming to light rapidly and although things appear slow, there are rapid changes in both our external and internal environments literally over the horizon. Impatience seems to be getting the better of us and this is more the overwhelm than anything else.

We are questioning again and again, are we ready for what we’re asking for? Are we ready to have it brought forth? The overwhelm is a signal that we need to work on a very practical level to bring ourselves in to alignment with what we want. We not only have to feel ready but we also need to be doing on a real, practical level.

The 9/9 portal opens up plenty of wounds and as we know, in order to receive we need to make space in our lives. The new can not come in while the clutter of the old is still being carried within us. There is still healing to be done even through these transitional energies.

The transitional energies feel a lot darker than usual at the moment. There’s so much happening on the planet and the polarisation feels like it is at it’s peak. We all need to keep going. Life doesn’t stop just because we are purging.

Finding a way to continue to heal whilst living life is a massive theme at the moment. Understanding that there are always going to be forces, energies and people that clash with us. Rather than avoid them, we are learning to occupy the same space as them. Learning to stand in our own power is one way of staying focused on the inner reality rather than allow the world around us to dictate how we feel.

There is some deep learning this week around moving with your own ebb and flow and not being rushed. You may need to press the reset switch more than once over the next few weeks but if that’s what you need to come in to alignment again, then so be it. There’s a definite groove to be found. It all felt so easy last week and we’re on the hunt for it again. Impatience and overwhelm can set in but just stay in your own zone. Bearing with while the maintenance work is going on is a necessary part of the process.

Expect it to be volatile and to feel like you’re not always sailing your own ship as it goes off course and remember that you may have plans, but the greater plan is greater than what you had planned for yourself. Universe knows best and you are being taken to where you need to be. The clearing is central to your receiving.

Keep working on acceptance of where you’re at now. Keep one eye on the future and be ready to alternate between moving and steadying yourself.

If you’re struggling with the energies or indeed life, I have a range of sessions that are designed to help you.

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