Ascension Energy Update 18th June, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. The last couple have weeks have been pretty intense with a lot of heavy energetic activity.

We’ve had solar flares and geomagnetic storms leading up to the full moon. Physically this has really taken it’s toll. A lot of fatigue, headaches and just a general sense of pressure. More and more this energy is pushing us to retreat inwards for the answers.

There’s a sense of “does anybody get me?” going on at the moment but with it comes an attitude of “does it matter?” These past couple of weeks are about learning to “DO YOU, BOO!” and it feels like working that out is the tricky bit.

The goalposts keep changing and this energy is keeping us on our toes. To a great extent, it has been all about sorting out what you want from what you “think” you want. The heart chakra seems to have dissolved and is now again beginning to reform. We have to be broken down in order to understand how the pieces come back together.

The activity has meant the need for a great deal of space, in fact just the idea of being in outer space, away from it all has been ever so appealing.

Are you noticing your triggers? As we come up to Eclipse season, old wounds are opening up again. It feels like the skeletons really are out of the closet. It’s as if we are being asked to go back re-process old memories from a more conscious place and a lot of what we’re finding is well below surface level. This time to really cement it in to bed so that even if it does resurface, there isn’t any ill feeling that comes with it. It’s deep work.

Digging deep seems to be the theme for this wave of energy and it’s digging deep in all senses. Not just the healing that needs to be done but also how big we are dreaming and how much we want to pursue the life we desire.

As we surface from the chaos and confusion, this new moon brings with it a definite shift in the mood. It’s lighter, it’s bouncier, it’s more optimistic. There’s definitely something warm and lovely in the air. The month is now finally starting to look up as we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We really have been down in to the depths and now just about head above water. My sense is that we’re reaching that sweet spot – the zero point – the balance and for each of us this point is different. For some of us, the balance point is in the chaos as we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs without it.

It’s interesting. It’s always going to be interesting but there is also an excitement that this hopeful energy brings with it. It almost feels like school’s out for the summer and it’s time to play!

Enjoy the adventures!

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