Ascension Energy Update 12th December, 2018

This is your ascension energy update for this week. I know it’s a little later than scheduled, but there’s been a lot happening this week.

Mercury went direct – although we are still in the shadow phase and it’ll take a little longer before full clarity. We are Re-evaluating, Re-trospecting and Re-vamping our lives.

The 12:12 energy gateway/portal has now opened and we have an opportunity between now and the winter solstice (21st December) to really put the past behind us.

What I’ve noticed is that I’m really looking at what is being brought in to my life. If I’m trying to birth a new version of myself, why am I still mulling over old stuff. Why am I playing out the same old patterns? Where am I still not honouring myself?

You’ll find that if you make the intention to put the past behind you, it’ll all start surfacing for you to clear. This can be difficult. I know on a personal level, I am facing these challenges but this is serious energy. This is what’s helping us to set the tone for what we deserve. We really do have to have the courage to resolve what we need to resolve and walk away from the noise.

The great thing about this energy is that it brings with it echoes of the past year and all the lessons that we’ve learnt. 2018 was the year that really started the breakdown of identity and ego in a massive way and it feels like the Universe is just making sure that we’ve fully learned the lessons.

The last few weeks, we’ve felt a need to retreat in to ourselves. A lot of us have been avoiding people, going out, interacting because we just need to be with ourselves.

There’s nowhere to hide anymore. Face it and be done with it. You’ll start to have the massive realisations and act on them. This energy has decisiveness about it and there is almost and impulse and drive to follow through.

I’ve found myself really going forth with it in the sense that I no longer want to hold back. Saying it like it is – that’s a real theme. All with love and compassion and all for the greatest good of all. That’s what it’s all about.

2019 feels like it really is going to be amazing. This is like the stress of having a driving test and next year will be like being let loose with a Maserati. I feel it. Great things are coming.

The message is to consolidate the learning and hold true to yourself.

The Empowered woman drives her own destiny

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