Ascension Energy Update, 2nd September 2019

This is your ascension energy update for September. I’m going to jump right in to it!

The theme over the last week or so in the healing room has been purging and the Chakra we have been working most with is the Heart Centre. It feels as if people all over are receiving some sort of clarity that’s pushing them to take action.

August saw a massive energy gateway open up and we’re still feeling the waves of it. It has brought clarity for sure but it has also opened up a wormhole for all the old emotions to come to the surface. This is the purging that I’m talking about.

For many, we keep getting throwbacks to the past. If not our physical past in this life then past lives. There is much to heal and there seems to be an openness and willingness for us to go there.

I’m really picking up on this as a massive theme at the moment. This idea of actually walking towards the healing and purging rather than running from it puts us in a place of greater power. It also allows us to direct the pace and flow to some extent.

We are living in interesting times and on the precipice of what feels like massive personal evolution and RE-volution which in turn will have a collective impact on the planet. Ascension is happening and the frequency of Earth is beginning to really change.

As the Light quotient increases, as does the dark quotient. For those that are purging, they are transmuting these shadow aspects within themselves surrendering this up to the light.

It’s phenomenal to experience and even more phenomenal to watch this is in action. I’ve not been tuning in as much as I’m in my own purging process along with everyone else but once that part is over, I’m really being called to connect and channel from this place.

I feel really strongly that we all need to connect in to these energies to guide us through what is coming up to be a difficult time for Mother Earth. She needs us and she wants to breathe through us.

I feel as if I myself haven’t really been listening because I’m absorbed not only in my own process but in supporting others through their processes. I love how Spirit will always gently pull and keep pulling until you work out what it is that you’re meant to be doing.

I’m being shown what I need and I am absolutely sure that many others are being given the same. It feels like these electrical charges are pulsating from so many souls and our aerials are sending out the frequencies. Whereas before it felt like we were radiating this along, it now feels like the signals are all finding each other and connections are starting to be made. This is on all levels.

I’m talking about synchronistic meetings with people and energies. I’m talking about needing to be in a particular place for no reason at all apart from knowing that your energy is needed there.

Oh this could be so exciting and magical if we give it permission to let it direct us. I’m surrendering to it. I can feel a wave of reassurance within my self.

“Those that are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” I’m certainly feeling that at the moment.

Purge and ride the wave to wherever it may take you!

September’s Healing Circle will help you to burn away the tension and hurt and support your purging process. If you would like to join us, we’d love to welcome you.

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