Ascension Energy Update, 13th May, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. as the clouds feel like they’re beginning to lift and clarity emerges.

After a week of intense and pushy energy, it finally feels like the sea begins to part for us to pave a way through. There is much that has been revealed over the last week and once you’ve seen what you’ve seen, there really is no going back.

It’s an interesting energy this week because we are feeling bold enough to take a step. There isn’t really much we even need to do. Simply ask that question, make that intention and take that first step.

The energy is one of revelations and it feels like things that we couldn’t see before are now very clear to us. There is more shedding to come as those things and those people that we came to trust blindly will begin to start showing themselves in a different light. Taking an action or making a move will be the catalyst to accelerate this process.

Once you’ve seen it, you just can’t be the same again and this is assisting us in learning not to look back. We can make bold statements and follow through but this energy is asking us to keep following that path even though there is a pull back to the old.

We are in the transition to the new version of ourselves and it takes time to work all this out. New preferences, new people, new situations and new conversations. We’re being asked to declutter using meaningful as a filter for what we keep and discard.

This week is about revelations centering on our motives and the motives of others. Even though we can feel at times like these that closure is needed, it’s important that we provide closure for ourselves. This is done to bold, decisive moves that give a clear signal that we’re not going back.

That old life and those old ways are becoming obsolete. Our new currency for life’s transactions is love. We are looking at what is meaningful to us and what we want to take with us. There isn’t space for fake.

Try not to get disheartened if people are showing you what they’re really about, especially if you feel you should have spotted it before now. Sometimes we can miss the signals and red flags because it is a lesson that we need to learn. Even that has it’s own wisdom.

The tide is turning though and there is a definite sense of “come-uppance” for all the good and bad that we have done. We do need to tread carefully and if the destination is to the land of “Meaningful” then the vehicle to get there is diplomacy and tact. The sledgehammer approach just isn’t going to work.

At a crossroads, making decisions about what is worth the fight and what is not. What is worth articulating and what’s best left unsaid. For a lot the chaos that happens, you’ll find that actions say things louder than words. This works both ways and so this week isn’t just about speaking truth, it’s about embodying truth. It’s about your actions showing what you think without even needing to say it.

This is an important phase because we are learning a new way to be. The New World is energy based and more and more people are tuning in to the frequencies. It’s your vibe that tells us who you are. Words just don’t cut it anymore. Not to say they’re useless but there is definitely an emphasis on the masculine with these energies.




Those are the 3 C’s that we’re faced with and we are weaving in and out of these worlds, sometimes rapidly.

A change of direction may be looming. Review. Re-evaluation. Decisiveness.

We’re just at the beginning of this crazy ride so hold on tight! I’m holding a group healing Divine I AM Transmission on the 29th which is open to all who are interested in evolving around the themes that we are working with. Click here to book….

Until next time…

Keep Vibing High,

Love Hafsa

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