Choosing beliefs that resonate with you

I started this spiritual journey a long time ago and over the years I’ve fallen in and out of resonance with all the different teachings that I’ve come across and I’ve been across the board from the Traditional Eastern idea of Enlightenment to the Western concept of Ascension. Merging with these ideas are the spiritual philosophies of different religions and structured ways of approaching spirituality and faith. I’ve always had firm roots in the Sufi teachings and I’ve always stayed firm in those roots but I also love exploring what other philosophies and teachings have to offer. We are, after all, part of One Source of Love.

I still can’t say that any one approach was totally right or wrong and I personally believe that you have to decide for yourself what resonates with you. In order to do that, learn, read, speak to people and at the same time, question and challenge and really tune in to how these beliefs and ideas sit within your own heart.

When I first started writing this piece, I was at a really interesting point in my journey where all the stuff that I used to be influenced by just wasn’t resonating with me in the same way. I was really starting to find out what I wholeheartedly believed in.

It challenged me to go deeper in search of my own truths. I’ve never been one to simply accept something just for the sake of it. I think it’s important to question and challenge because that is the way in which we begin to really understand what we are about as human beings. It’s a way of constructing and deconstructing your identity and testing out what holds true in your heart.

Remember that we are free to believe in what we choose to believe in. For those of us who have grown up in a structured faith or religion, often the idea of challenging what we have been taught brings with it a great deal of anxiety. I don’t believe that God punishes us for asking questions. In fact, I believe that asking questions is the way to affirm our own truth. For me, it needs to make sense when I’m doing something otherwise there’s no meaning behind the action, and certainly no love.

Resonance is essential because after all, where we take influence from others, we are allowing ourselves to be taught by them. With everything we learn, it has an influence on what we believe. What we believe deeply influences who we are, what we do and who we become. The person you become and how you carry yourself will ultimately influence how you discover and deliver your purpose. It’s deep stuff but definitely worth thinking about.

Resonance is so important and I know for most teachers it is the same. The people that are attracted to my work will be the ones that resonate with my message. You will choose your teacher because they speak your language. You may not agree with all of what they say and I always tell my students upfront that they’re certainly not obliged to either. As teachers, we accept that loyalty is not a given and that resonance is preferred as then we are working for the highest benefit of all. Respecting free thought and free will is part of being a good teacher. I love the questions students have and delving in to the answers is a way of exploring, challenging and affirming what I believe to be true.

Always choose what feels right for you. Even if that means you’re making a massive U-Turn on what you thought to be your beliefs. It’s often the ego that tells us that we can’t do this but there is no wrong or right. Belief systems are complicated and actually in order to simplify things, sometimes it’s better not to call yourself one thing or another. It’s better not to have any title and if you are to choose a title, let it be one that you can wholeheartedly commit to. These labels become part of our identity. I’m not saying that’s a good thing or a bad thing and it all depends on whether you are looking for an identity or a way to be defined. Often it can be a hindrance because society dictates that we must share whatever this label is but for me, it’s in my heart. I share my beliefs, my manners, my character and allow that to show for itself. I don’t need to broadcast anything if I’m living in accordance with what I believe to be true. Ultimately, that’s nobody’s business but my own.

There is so much value in exploration. You don’t have to be a big reader or study anything in particular. I’m talking about that real one on one human connection and interaction. I’m talking about those deep and meaningful conversations. I’m talking about connecting with a complete stranger and seeing them as part of yourself. I’m talking about sharing about yourself without being afraid of being judge. They say that you can only meet others as deeply as you have met yourself. So meet yourself first.

Sharing allows us to put in to practise hearing what we believe to be true. It’s often this that helps us to understand what resonates and what doesn’t. It’s always good to have the goal of committing to the ideas you stand by. And we can only do this by sharing and affirming what we believe. If more people were willing to be open to this, I believe the world would be so different because this openness and sharing is love and acceptance.

At the core of my belief system is love. And I believe that if we can define what love is and does, we are part way there. If love was a person, what would be her traits and qualities? What would her manners and character be like? Essentially what we realise when we define ourselves in relation to what love would do is that love and goodness is what will resonate. And if this is the core of your belief system, you can’t go wrong. Life is such though that the test is in being prepared to live by these values regardless of the circumstances. Although it’s difficult, I believe we all have the strength to follow through and practice being love.

After all, our roots are Love. We were created by a source of Love. We came here to love. And we are loved. The trick of life is learning to open your eyes to it in places where you feel it doesn’t exist and can’t be seen. This is what opens the heart up to something more, something deeper and this is the yearning and the longing for it that pushes us to explore different ways of seeing and experiencing love.

In this magical, amazing world…even in the darkness…somewhere there is love…you just need to keep digging to find it.


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