Dear Doctor…I’ve fixed it without your help

Dear Doctor,

Just thought you’d like to know that I’ve saved you a few thousands pounds this month by avoiding you. No need to thank me. I thought you’d like to know that I didn’t need your services in getting my foot fixed. After my disappointing visit to your surgery, I decided that I needed to go and seek treatment from a professional that takes my pain seriously. Oh, and by the way, each week I am saving you thousands of pounds by taking my own clients seriously so that they can avoid a lifetime of pills and stress brought on by your reduced budgets. No need to thank me, honest. I plan on encouraging as many people as I can to investigate alternatives because it saves you money. If I can do this, why can’t you?

So some of you may be wondering what happened after I wrote last about my visit to the doctors. Needless to say, I was fuming when I left. For someone to do a half-arsed examination…actually I wouldn’t even call it an examination. She prodded my foot and concluded that it wasn’t swollen. No shit, Sherlock! The option was painkillers and backwards and forwards trying to get a doctor to take me seriously, so I decided to investigate my other options.

I decided to go and see an acupuncturist who used a combination of this and Bowen therapy. He examined my foot properly and said that I’d trapped a nerve. A couple of treatments later, I could move my foot a lot better and the pins and needles sensations caused by the trapped nerve had gone.

Because of the way I’d been walking, my hips had come out of alignment. So last week, I went to see a chiropractor who realigned me, and did some work to sort out the squashed up bones in my foot. Yes it hurt lol but my foot is almost fixed.

It might sound like I’m ungrateful for having a health service, I’m not. It’s the culture of prescribing pills that really frustrates me. I see so many clients who have been back and forth from the doctor, prescribed anti-depressants or told to take painkillers. This attitude is what’s costing the NHS thousands of pounds. Alternative therapies are a viable solution, and it makes financial sense to take our work seriously.

I recently found out that it costs the NHS around £24 to prescribe paracetamol when you can get it over the counter for 25 pence. Waste?

The NHS pays for GP’s time, cost of the prescription, the dispensing cost and administration. Effectively, it’s your tax money that’s paying for it and it’s going down the pan. With so much demand, GP’s (not all of them) need to get you in and out as quick as they can. Problems are overlooked, and you end up feeling like crap because you’re not being taken seriously. There’s no time, care and attention.

What’s the solution? I’m proposing that GP’s need to consider referring on to alternatives to take the burden off the NHS. Some do refer to other professions, including referrals for Reiki but this isn’t being done enough.

When you go see your Doctor, the power dynamic is part of the culture. When you go to see a healer, you’re treated like a peer. If a professional is telling you to do something, you assume they know what they’re talking about and often we allow these professionals to make us feel rubbish. The fact that these negative emotions lead to physical ailments is completely ignored. How are you going to feel better if you don’t even feel listened to?

There’s a better way. When you come to see me, I want to hear what’s been happening for you and we work together to overcome it. My first question is always “What can I do to help you?” You pay for a quality service with someone who has the experience and empathy to relate to you, and has a genuine interest in helping you to feel better. You get after care advice, and a check in text to see how you’re getting on in between treatments. You get the support, the hope and an infusion of positivity.

So if you’ve been feeling down, or you don’t want to be on painkillers or anti-depressants anymore, then I invite you to give me a call and let’s talk about your recovery plan. If I can’t help, I can recommend others who can from a bank of therapists that I’ve worked with.

My wish is to get the best help to you. This is what Healing Works is all about. So give me a call – I’m a really good listener!

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