Dear Doctor, please take me seriously!

It’s pretty sad that I feel so disheartened with my experience of doctors. I remember years back when I had a couple of slipped discs and they were trapping the nerve to my diaphragm so it hurt to breathe. I went to A & E on the advice of NHS direct, spent the whole night in there and walked out without being seen to. A chiropractor fixed me that time. I remember when I had kidney stones, I was prescribed Codeine based painkillers that made me high as a kite. I remember the first winter I lost all circulation in my fingers and was prescribed Naproxen for Reynaud’s – a circulatory problem. These are just some of the experiences that I’ve had so it’s no wonder I encourage alternatives alongside medical treatments. I have vowed never to see a doctor again after my latest adventure!

So I went to the doctors the other day because I’ve injured my foot. It feels like there’s stuff moving around in there, and it’s starting to become quite painful. I made the appointment being really conscious that I didn’t want to waste anybody’s time. I told the receptionist what the issue was and who it was best to see, knowing that the NHS have a lot to deal with. I made the appointment with a Nurse Practitioner and was all set. I get there, and 35 minutes after my appointment time, I finally get called in.

I open the door, big smile…”Morning! How’s your day?” That’s me by the way, not the Nurse Practitioner. She looked at me blankly, no smile, nothing. “What’s the matter with you?” she says. I thought this isn’t going to go well at all! So I explained I think I’ve damaged my foot, my work involves being on my feet all day, I’m self-employed. So she asks me to take my shoe and sock off and does a half arsed examination of my foot. This involves touching it lightly under the sole, not where I’ve told her it hurts. She then asks me for the other foot to compare. So I put my foot down and bring the other one up, and she says both together. So I’m sat in this chair, using all my core strength to hold both my legs out while she takes a half arsed look at the other foot. She’s not asked me about the pain, it’s frequency or location. It feels like she couldn’t give a flying tutu as long as she gets me out of the door with some drugs.

Her conclusion is…wait for it…”It’s not swollen.” I’m not being funny, but I could have told you that. Her solution is to take painkillers and I said I prefer not to. Her next solution is have I tried pain relief gel. Of course I’ve tried everything before I came here to waste your time. I really need someone who knows what they’re doing to take a look at it. Of course, this is what I’m thinking and even with my very open throat chakra, I don’t want to say it out loud. So she offers me painkillers again and says if I don’t want to take them, there’s nothing she can do. In all fairness, there probably wasn’t anything she could do and I was frustrated because I wasn’t being taken seriously at all. Lesson learnt…!

So you can imagine my frustration at this point as I say thank you and walk out. I remember why I don’t go to doctors, and vow never to go again! This is a common experience for most people and it’s the reason why as an alternative therapist, I ensure that all my clients get the best care, all my attention and a solution. I understand they have a lot of people to see, but the worst thing in the world is when you have an issue, it causes you pain, and you are not taken seriously.

There are so many people I am speaking to who have had enough of being treated in this way. I respect and value the medical profession and it has it’s place, however increasingly there are alternative options available. So, my course of action involves a full commitment to alternative therapies! I went to see an amazing reflexologist yesterday who really helped with the stress element! This afternoon I am going to see a friend who does Bowen therapy and acupuncture. I am on a mission to find that alternative and it’ll be so much better than wasting my doctors time.

With precious little resources in the medical system, my view is that alternatives need to be seen as a solution that works alongside the medical system. In fact, these alternatives should be a part of a system that treats people in a holistic way. It’s so easy to be prescribed anti-depressants or painkillers rather than looking at the root of the issue. Having given up on the time it takes and the attitude of not being taken seriously, more and more people are going private or seeking their own alternatives to support them with health issues. If the powers that be were wise to this, the world would be a different place! I’m not trashing the NHS, this is just my frustrating experience. I just think they’re missing a trick with so many people out there who can offer effective solutions that will cost a loss less than the admin and beaurocracy we pay for as part of this system.

That’s my little rant over…I’m off to get my foot sorted…by any means necessary!!! If you would like an update, please get in touch!!!!

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