Emotions are art…

Emotional Intelligence – don’t you just love that phrase?!

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise your own and other people’s emotions.

Emotions are interesting and fascinating to me. Human Beings are like intricate pieces of art, or complex mechanical sculptures in the way we are put together. That’s why I’m in love with my work because it gives me such a depth of understanding of how different people view their own emotions, experience them, hold them, shut them out, play with them. I love complexity and detail. I love presenting information in different ways. I love communicating ideas.

I’ve had a lot of exposure to a range of people, experiences and emotions as well as getting to grips with my own, and emotions are something I love to observe and study both in myself and in others. There’s always patterns, and then exceptions to the rule and every individual is unique and different.

It’s like studying the threadwork of a rich tapestry, the colours, the inflections, the tones. I kind of look at people and art in a similar way. I observe and I work out how things work and balance. No two people are the same. Even if they come with the same issue, what they need will be very different. My strength is in understanding and responding in way that complements your unique make up. My sessions are custom made according to what my clients need. I provide contrast and counterbalance where it’s needed, and bring out depth and texture when it’s called for. My work is my art and I love it!

Delicious intricacies and complications are the reason why I love my work and I love life and human beings. Thoughts and emotions move at a speed that is way too quick which is sometimes the reason why it’s difficult for people to confront emotion. Racing thoughts serve a purpose, and that purpose is to prevent you from the confrontation.

I have time to study this because it’s my work to, and the insight and knowledge is what allows me to help my clients. Clients come to me with a puzzle, and we look at the pieces together. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes helps get a different perspective on things.

My job is to help you to understand yourself, and go deeper and deeper in to this. Whether it is healing, coaching or teaching you’re after, know that you’ll get a unique experience with me.

Let’s have a chat and get started!


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