Energy Update 10th April, 2018

I told you it was going to get messy! We are in the release phase of this latest energy shift and many of us are feeling weighed down by this energy. There is a feeling of heaviness in all things, especially on a physical level. It feels like we are in a deep deep slumber. You know that sort of sleep that is so sweet and comfortable, it’s cosy and it’s warm and there’s a reluctance to want to get up.

So many that I’ve spoken to over the last week or so have said how they haven’t slept this well since they were teenagers. There is an air of being almost drugged by this energy, and a waiting for it to wear off but instead of a comedown, I feel like there is about to be a burst.

Stagnation is one of the themes, and a reluctance to wake up because although the world is still the same, you’ve changed. You’re changing. You’re expanding and you’re growing. There’s a sense of loss that is experienced from losing your old patterns and your old identity. It feels like disorientation and so sleep feels like a good solution.

The air is thick and heavy around us. A feeling of pressure that’s holding us down. This in itself causes resistance when we try and move. Stay still and let it pass. It’s almost as if we are in the vortex in the eye of the storm. Spinning in tiny tiny circles.

This time feels ripe to practice keeping our vision in tact. With so much swirling, it’s as if we can not even see where we are going, but there is a deep sense of knowing that we are heading towards something new and exciting. Always this way, just riding this heavy storm feels quite burdensome.

There are more questions than answers, and my sense is that the new moon will be the beginning of a phase of those answers emerging for us all. We don’t have long to wait and so keep riding it out. Keep sleeping and resting. It isn’t time yet, but don’t imagine that the time won’t ever come. We are in the midst of something brewing. It feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable but this too shall pass.

It’s ok to be in hibernation a while longer while this wave works it’s way through. There’ll be bursts of progress, and then back to hibernation I feel and that’s ok. The most important thing is that you honour your body, mind and soul by giving in to what it needs. If that’s simply to rest, then do that.

Take care, and if I can be of assistance to you, get in touch.

Love Hafsa

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