Energy Update 26th March 2018

Well…it’s certainly been an interesting month energy wise! I feel like the fog is finally lifting. I, for one, was put in my place a couple of days ago when a friend of mine said, “Pisces season is over!” Yes it’s time to stop being a hermit, and for those of you who are Piscean (and even those who are not!) you’ll understand where I’m coming from. The tides are starting to turn and I can sense a massive shift in the energy since the Spring Equinox.

It’s as is we are starting to wake up from hibernation and although I feel it will be another week or so of moving very slowly as we integrate all the changes of this last cycle, it certainly feels like the inner work that we have been doing is about to come to fruition.

I have friends in this field of work, and over this last weekend, I’ve had at least 3 phonecalls from them because they’re feeling down about not seeing any progress. It has felt like the same cycle again and again, and this is the game of life and the human experience. I found myself saying that the changes have taken place on the inside, and it’ll take time for these changes to be seen in our outer world. I truly believe this and I can see it in my bones.

The themes we are working with for the rest of this month are firstly, Responsibility. It is very much about owning the stuff that is coming up for us. Whether it’s anger, resentment, bitterness or joy, happiness and mischief – we are to learn to own everything that we are.

In the healing room, I’ve noticed that people are battling with blame and ownership and this feeling of whether life feels fair or not. Keep working on owning your own emotions and you’ll come out the other side with a fresh perspective and understanding. Alongside this idea of responsibility, there is a real and deep sense of knowing that you are where you are because you have created it all. I am feeling this strongly.

We’re caught in twilight for the rest of this month because it isn’t clear how we create deliberately and manifest the things that we do want. This I feel will become clearer, but it comes as a result of clearing out those old patterns. (See previous energy update)

The second big theme that we are working with is Changeability. There seems to be an oscillation between full flow and stopping in your tracks. Much of this is physical, but in emotional terms, we find ourselves being more and more triggered by the outside world. This is what has led us to be pushed inwards and although the introspection is helpful, it can also serve as a distraction. It is difficult to have focus, but go with it and stay authentic. Remember that purpose is not to be found outside of yourself. It is an expression of your authentic self. Things will come to distract you and throw you off track, but it feels like we are beginning to see what these things are so that they can be cleared from our field of vision.

Certainly on a personal level, I can see who and what has been distracting me and the last few months have been about being able to untangle ourselves. It feels as if we are to free up our space as the harvest comes in. This is in all aspects of our lives. It is about being clear. Preparing ourselves to receive.

Lastly, I want to touch on another big theme which is this idea of Clearing. Everything that no longer serves us that has already come to our attention will persist in hammering away at us until something is done. There’s a finality in this months energy and a sense of “Once and for all” doing away with the unhelpful.

It is a lot to take in and some may find the energies and the clearing that comes with it, overwhelming. It’s not meant to be easy, but let’s be grateful that we can see it coming and see the silver lining that comes with it.

There is a sense of renewal and a freshness to the energy that I’ve not felt before and I feel that this is a taste of April. I could be wrong but clearing the vibration now sets us in good standing for April showering it’s blessings upon us!

If you would like assistance with clearing, you can get in touch by booking through the website or giving me a call.

Wishing you all ease on your journey wherever you are!

Love Hafsa

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