Energy Update 2nd April 2018

It’s about to get messy again! Not just yet though. The last couple of weeks have been mega intense for a lot of us. Plenty of churning out of the old and making space for the new. April brings with it excitement and fortitude, but not without a fight.

The beginning of this week is calmer in the etheric realms. I believe we have a rest and reconfiguration period this week, so take the rest and enjoy it while you can. This is a period of integration for some of us. For others, it is a holding space while we work it all out. We find ourselves wanting to do so much and the ideas are really starting to ping, but physically we’re too wiped to move forwards. Patience is definitely something that I’m working with! Also the idea of getting the perfect balance of allowing it to unfold and pushing for what you want. It has been immensely tiring, and to try and push while the energy is this dense is demanding and challenging. Giving birth almost, and knowing that the contractions come in waves to allow us to gather strength and momentum.

It is Spring. Rebirth. New Beginnings. The energy is so strong around those themes, but let’s not forget ourselves and the care that we need during these processes. Physically we are craving food and water to keep our strength up. Mentally and emotionally we are seeking comfort, encouragement and reassurance that everything is going to be ok. The last couple of weeks have shown us what it truly means to be vulnerable. This in itself is agreeable and disagreeable depending on where you are in your journey. It is a difficult thing to accept vulnerability. On a personal level, I’m finding that committing to this journey and to this life and sharing what I’m experiencing to help others to grow is what makes me feel vulnerable. I’m trying not to hide from it, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

The Earth energy is stronger than anything at the moment. We feel heavy and for me it is an indication that being on Earth is perhaps the thing that I need to work mostly with. It’s a strange sensation for me. I’ve always found the energy of other dimensions easier to tap in to and work with so I’m on a massive learning curve just dealing with this. I’m really feeling Earth energy, and I’m embracing it rather than running from me so that in itself is giving me my own challenges. Those of you that feel like you’ve always wanted to “go home” without being able to explain where home is will relate to this. I’m being called to write more on this and will do in due course.

You may have noticed that you are changing. You are no longer tolerating what you used to. You are more focused on what’s bringing you what you deserve. With all the changes comes a sense of loss and my sense is over the next couple of weeks, this is what we’ll be dealing with.

It feels like a huge void has opened up for some of us and for others, they know the changes are leading up to this same space. It is intense and it is interesting. There’s a feeling of losing touch with reality, of losing touch with people. Ironically, also a sense of losing touch with our actual lives here on here. It’s as if we have to leave and come back to things. More and more out of body experiences, but feeling these while we are in our actual bodies.

Fear is a theme that we are all working with ongoing.Fear is down to perceived consequences. When we shed our skin and transition to an improved version of ourselves, our main concern is how the world perceives us. Even those of us who say we don’t give a shit what the world thinks still have some consideration of this. We may choose not to care, but experiences that test this belief are what is coming up over the next few weeks.

At the moment, it feels like we are standing still. I think the real movement won’t be arriving until May but this energy feels like it is the build up. I’ve said this before but it feels like the big bad bassline drop is coming in May. Right now, we just need to get used to the volume and the beat being what it is.

The beat is slow this week. Physically, we are tired! There has been such an influx of new energies and we are being required to work in a different way. I can’t articulate this in the way that I’d like to as I’m only just beginning to receive this information. I feel it will get clearer, and when it does I can share more with you.

Recalibration and preparedness for what is to come. The rumble in the jungle. Seeing your true nature. Understanding solitude and independence and balancing with fair exchange and interdependence. It’s all about to get messy again so hold tight.

For this week though, rest and relax. Enjoy it before we’re shaken up again!

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