Energy Update Spring Equinox 2018

Well…it feels like we are coming through the other side of this major energy shift with things feeling a little brighter and a little clearer.

The last week or so has been intense. The theme in the healing room has been “What are you over and done with for good?” A lot of what has been coming up for us as a collective is noticing what we have allowed. As we absorb more energy in light form, it illuminates or magnifies what needs to be cleared within us. We notice where we have been harsh on ourselves. We notice where we have allowed others to walk all over us. We realise it needs to stop. We realise that we are responsible.

The big theme over the last month or so and continuing onwards is “Responsibility” and realising that we hold the keys to our own happiness (or unhappiness). In previous times, the focus would be on the positive, but it is time to start looking at the negative and what it tells us. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but it feels important right now to look at what’s within us – all of it. Positive and negative are a continuum and imply judgement. It is our own judgements that we are working with at this time.

The heart is like a mirror and if people are rubbing us up the wrong way, it is only showing us what we have inside that needs to be cleared. There is more and more energy blasting in, and it is relentless. It has been bombardment on all levels, strengthening us from the inside out. Yes it can feel pretty shitty, but if you can think of it as expansion, it helps! The Universe has a sense of humour – there’s no reason why we can’t either.

The start stop energy of the last couple of months seems to be settling down a lot more now. Another thing that is noticeable is that we can get so caught up in doing the “inner work” and analysing it to death that there seems no time to live.

Things feel like they’ve got very serious, and the release comes when we stop taking everything so seriously. Life is a game to be played. We’re always winning and if we’re not winning, we’re learning and growing. There’s always time for silliness and laughter because without that, there’s no relief or respite. This process is happening to us, and it will keep happening. Finding ways to enjoy it is a bonus, and it makes it a lot easier.

Spring brings with it renewal, nourishment and fulfillment and I see these as themes going forward. Things are start to feel fresh and sparkly. Although there is still work to do, I feel the next week or so things will slow right down as we integrate the lessons of this latest wave.

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – make time for some silliness today. Laugh. Release.

Just for today, enjoy everything for what it is. You are here!

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