Healing for anxiety and depression

There’s no doubt that the last couple of years have really taken a toll on the mental health of the nation. In particular anxiety and depression is on the rise. As a therapist, I’ve really seen the impact and part of my job is to help people to find a way through the darkness that comes with these mental health issues.

Fear and anxiety go hand in hand and we are living in an age of fear. I could write a whole other blog post about that, however today the focus is on how we recognise and move through the darkness.

Everything takes time.

It used to really wind me up when people said this to me because time is the one thing that is ticking away and you can’t get it back.

For those of you who suffer from depression or anxiety, from experience I know that one of the most excruciating things is to watch time ticking by knowing what it is you want to do but just not having the energy or inclination to do it. That gut churning feeling of the darkness never ending and the doom that comes with not being able to see your way out of it is all too familiar let me tell you.

Now I may come across as go getter, but there are still days when I’m taking back to this place and I know how difficult and challenging it can be just to get out of bed in the morning. It’s tough going. Your mind just doesn’t want to connect with your body and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get going. I still have days like this, but I remember when it was weeks on end. It’s taken a great deal of inner work and discipline to overcome the darkness and this is one of the reasons I do what I do.

I would say the trouble with the darkness is that once it hits, your mind becomes centred around it. You can’t see an end…hell sometimes you can’t even see the beginning. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’re just not enjoying anything. You go through the motions, you put your face on and nod and smile in the right places but nothing can take away the empty feeling inside. I can speak about this in detail because I’ve been there and the most terrifying thing for someone who is working to overcome it is the feeling of being plunged back in because it always feels like you’re playing snakes and ladders. Just when you think you’ve got it, you have to start over again. It’s frustrating but there are ways around it and this is what I teach when I work with clients.

The truth is that everything takes time. There is no magic cure and even if you wake up the day after your healing session feeling amazing, you still have to learn to maintain it for yourself. And so, there is always homework with every session because the road to recovery is learning how to do the inner work for yourself.

I like to think of it as balancing yourself and a healing session helps to reset and balance the energy. The homework is what will help you to learn how to balance and maintain the energy for yourself.

Balance is the key thing. When we learn to balance, we learn to hold our own energy and that is the starting place to build from. That’s not to say it won’t swing around anymore. It just helps you to get to know what that place of balance feels like for you and the things that you can do to feel that energy.

Anxiety and depression can be really destructive and often it’s a hidden illness. We don’t talk about it and the irony is that more often than not, talking therapy is what is recommended. I have many friends who work in the mental health field and they dread their supervision sessions because talking just doesn’t work for them. Energy healing however has a different, much deeper impact. We work on multiple levels and layers of a person and actually, no words are necessary.

Healing is what I do best because I do it from a place of experience. Every day, I’m doing the work on myself because I have to. It isn’t easy but walking the talk is what makes a good healer. There’s nothing worse than someone who takes the “Do as I say, not as I do” approach.

Working on myself has given me lots of tools, tricks and workarounds to pull myself out of the darkness. This is what I teach my clients and students and we find a way that’s going to work for you. Whether it’s during a healing session or on a Reiki course, I focus on what’s practical and achievable for you. I break it down so you understand it and you get manageable homework so you’re learning to do it for yourself.

I’ve been there and I know what it feels like. I’ve had the light and I’ve had the darkness and I appreciate the balance because of the unpredictability that life brings.

Healing helps you to get to know your own energy. If nobody understands you, then at least you understand yourself. It isn’t easy, but if you want to feel better and you don’t have any bright ideas then isn’t it worth a shot?

Call me and let’s at least have a chat about it. Reiki is a great starting point for beginning to learn balance. It’s up to you where you take it after that.

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