Healing Transmissions using the Divine I AM Transmission method are a powerful healing modality. Transmissions assist you in accelerating your growth in all areas of your life. Where Reiki works on your energy field, healing transmissions work at Soul Level. It is a deep experience unique to each individual. Even when experienced as part of a group, each person will get what they need from it.

Our experience of healing transmissions has led to phenomenal shifts in awareness, growth, happiness, love, joy, spiritual connection, realisations, synchronicities and inner peace. 

Everyone experiences the healing session in their own way – there’s no right or wrong because we are all unique. The intention is that each person receives what they truly require on a Soul level and for their highest benefit. Source energy does the rest in a deeply powerful way and we’ve found it’s usually in a way that allows us to open up and trust more on all levels. We always notice things begin to change within a couple of weeks after a transmission!

Transmissions work with healing, alignment and transforming your energy to create the shifts you need. It is a transmission of energy, frequency, vibration and light codes from the purest Source of Unconditional Love. We’re helping you to experience your own soul connection in a unique way, essentially allowing you to meet yourself at the deepest level. Not only that but meeting with your hearts desires and changing your energy to align with them. It helps you move towards what you want a lot quicker!

What does it feel like?

A healing transmission is like a guided meditation that takes you in really deep. It feels like one minute you are listening, the next your soul has drifted off and you only realise when you come back. It takes you to a place of bliss in a way that words can’t describe and a lot my clients will feel “on a high” after a transmission. Each healing experience is different. The shifts you experience following each transmission always show you wisdom in ways that leave no room for doubt. The experience of receiving a transmission in itself is a way of surrendering to Unconditional Love and that begins to dissolve barriers that we’ve built within ourselves.

What happens after?

The days following the healing transmission, you’ll notice that you feel different. Following each session, you get a shift in your awareness and the answers come like a deeper wisdom from within has been activated. Healing transmissions are designed to awaken inner peace, self-love and have the effect of helping you to shed your own limiting beliefs, patterns and cycles.

Transmissions are deeply transformational. They will change you and how you look at the world but also how you see what’s happening to you. Often they help with acceptance and understanding. You always get exactly what you need whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. The transmission is also designed to awaken the pathways to access your own inner guidance, love and wisdom. Everything you need is truly within you. This is a way of finding it for yourself. 

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"Only from the heart can you touch the sky" Rumi