What is a Healing Light Blast?

A Healing Light Blast uses remote healing. It is a Sufi prayer based healing methodology that assists the person you are reading it for with whatever issues they may have.

This type of healing is an immense blast of energy. It can help with:

  • Alleviating mental and emotional distress
  • Alleviating physical pain
  • Overcoming emotional difficulties
  • Assisting to resolve a particular situation, problem or difficulty
  • Clearing and rebalancing your energy
  • Giving you a boost of light to help you get back on track

What’s the process?

We ask you for a few details using the form below to help us with your healing light blast. These will not be shared with anyone.

We need your first and last name that you were given at birth so that we know who we are praying the healing light blast for. It’s also important that you provide a clear picture of yourself so that the reader can make a clear and lighted path of connection with you. Although it works regardless of a picture being provided, in our experience it’s definitely more effective to read for someone we can clearly visualise. It makes the path of energy easier for both the healer and the person receiving the light blast.

Once you’ve provided your details, we will schedule in your reading. We usually undertake this type of work on a Monday and Thursday evening.

Please note you are not required to be present for the reading. We will confirm when it’s been done and that’s all there is to it!

How will it make me feel?

It’s different for different people but the one thing that most people report is that the healing light blast helps them to feel a lot lighter in themselves.

The intention is to fill you and flood you with and abundance of light which will give your energy system an opportunity to come back in to balance and begin to restore itself.

We recommend that you maintain this energy through your own methods for connection and prayer and try and be as consistent as you can with that connection. Although we know that’s sometimes difficult and so the purpose of the blast is to help you when things have gone a little off track or it feels like too much to do yourself.