I don’t want to be a hippy…

I don’t want to be a hippy – I just want to be myself!

There was a time when I’d hang off the words of my spiritual teachers and take what they said as gospel. For the most part, that stood me in good stead until I started feeling extremely uncomfortable and I knew it was because this wasn’t MY truth. I was being told all sorts about how I needed to be to do this kind of work, and I perhaps didn’t see the energy of manipulation as clearly as I can see it now.

As I’ve read, pondered, reflected and meditated, my views have changed. My truths…
-You don’t have to be a serious person to be taken seriously. You DO need to be secure in your own sense of self and know it well.

-You don’t have to change because someone else is telling you that’s what spiritual people do.

-You DO need to be authentic and true to yourself about what you want to change. Listen to yourself and feel in your own body what feels right and wrong for you. Listen to your own signals.

-Respect other people’s versions of the truth and their right to live by what they believe is right for them. It doesn’t make them wrong because they’re not doing it your way.

“We are as the flute and the music in us is from Thee.” Rumi

We are all the same energy, but we all play differently. Stay true to your own expression.

Yes, there are Universal Truths but as your consciousness expands, as do the layers and depth of meaning of these truths. Interpretations that you allocate are bound to change over time and through experience of living these truths.

It’s pretty easy to get all judgy and preachy about these things.

My way is simple, and when I teach this is my approach. Do it your own way and make it your own thing. Be curious about how others approach things and be open to trying it. If it’s not for you, go back to doing it your way. And if you end up changing your mind, so what? You’re allowed to.

We grow and we change. What’s right for us now is right for us right now. It’s not how we will be forever.

Take the pressure off yourself. Remind yourself every day, you’re alive! You made it!

We really don’t have anything to lose by exploring new ideas. We have nothing to lose by getting it wrong. We have everything to gain by learning.

As my mate Sadhguru says, this experience of life is a stepping stone to the next place. Why stop when you can keep moving?

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