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Ok…so I went to the mosque one Sunday, a while back. During this particular Islamic month, there are gatherings at the mosque as we commemorate those who have died in battle for our faith to survive. I used to go every day for the ten days of commemoration and volunteer to help prepare the food to give away. I always felt a sense of oneness with the women there as we helped each other, greeted each other with smiles and hugs and worked tirelessly to serve. The women would gather and recite poetry in Urdu that told the story of the battles. I didn’t understand much of what they were saying, but there was something in the rhythmic singing, the energy of words that stirred something in me. At the end, we would all say a prayer together and I left feeling uplifted with a sense that my faith had been deepened as I said prayers for myself, my loved ones and those I’d never met but knew were struggling.

This year, I went to the same gathering and they’d changed the format somewhat. There was no recitation of the poem, instead there was a lecture which I assumed would be about helping us to understand the words of the poem that we’d heard in previous years. The lecture conveyed some of this, but then became something else and this is why I’m moved to write these words.

When I left, I found myself comparing the experiences and it really made me think. In the old days, I’d understand very little, feel the love and energy and leave uplifted. On Sunday, I understood everything, began to question and left feeling less than inspired by the energy in the room. I draw the conclusion that love is a better teacher than fear and I felt it important to write these words as a result.

When I started learning Reiki, one of the first things I noticed was that my prayers became deeper. I started to become more aware of my connection to God and my connection to Faith. It helped me to go deeper in to myself and see my Creator moving through me. It made me aware of myself. It made me aware of Love. I understood that I was created by Love, with Love, and I came here to give Love. This love is what gives me the passion and motivation to gather more knowledge, go deeper in to my connection and teach others to explore this connection with themselves.

Having had a traditional Islamic upbringing, I wish I had been taught about spirituality and the nature of my connection to my Creator. As I sat listening to the lecture, I looked around the room at mostly blank faces. I was thinking about what was missing from the words I was hearing. I realised that it was love. I’ve been thinking about ways to reach different communities, and it felt like there was a real opportunity here to explore.

For me, love inspires. Love is infectious. Love makes people want to be a part of something bigger. Love is forgiveness. Love doesn’t judge. What I was hearing didn’t resonate and it made me think. When we express our faith, when we say our prayers or meditate, it is a state of giving. When you give freely, it comes from a place of Love. When you express it because you feel obligation, it changes the energy of what you give and takes away the blessing and the Love.

The lesson for me was deeper here though. I thank and honour the experience for teaching my that my way is unique to me. I don’t follow a mass because I have what I need within me, and I value and respect the traditions and culture that exist. I want to explore this idea of spirituality and faith. I teach and heal people from all faiths, and the more I do this, the more I learn that people will come to accept less traditional methods of healing and teaching if it helps them to get to where they want to be. Ultimately, what people seek is inner peace and I am learning that just being this peace is what draws people to me. I’m not fussed about religion and rules and details. I just want to give in a way that people understand, and the only way to do this is with love.

My way is love, and it is what feels right for me. The mission is to transcend across all the barriers that have been built for us. If we can serve and we can help, we are in a good place. We are all the same in essence, and we are all part of the One creator.

I’d like to know what you think about religion and spirituality. Have you done Reiki, and how has this changed your experience? I’d love to hear from you.

Love and Light,

Hafsa xx

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