Is Reiki Haraam?

“Is Reiki Haraam?” That’s a question that I get asked quite a lot as a Muslim Energy Healer. I wanted to give my own personal perspective because I think that there’s very little that’s understood and people are quick to judge Reiki in particular without knowing anything about it. I know I’m risking opening up a can of worms with this post and those that wish to criticise my approach are more than welcome to but I can only write from the perspective of my own truth and explain in an honest way using my own journey as an example. As a practicing Muslim, if I thought there was a conflict I wouldn’t be doing it but I want to share what I have learned and how it has helped me on so many different levels, especially in terms of my faith.

I think it’s important to create an awareness of the concepts of energy and the principles of Reiki. Once you understand these, you’ll begin to see that these are Universal principles that all religions and spiritual philosophies share. Master Usui – the founder of the Reiki system actually studied Theology as well as many other areas such as Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and many of the Martial Arts. It just so happened that he grew up in Tendai Buddhist family and studied Buddhism but just because the founder is Buddhist doesn’t mean that the system is too.

People often say that Reiki is Haram because it is Buddhist. Let me put this to you a different way using an example that explains what I mean. Many of us use Facebook. Facebook is a system that was created for people to connect with each other and share their lives. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg who is Jewish but we don’t say that Facebook is Jewish and therefore haraam. When you understand the ideas and concepts that make up the Reiki system, there isn’t anything that conflicts with any religion, least of all Islam. Is Reiki Haraam just because it was founded by a Buddhist?

Many people are concerned that they will somehow be practicing Buddhism if they practice Reiki. When you learn Reiki, you learn one way to connect to Source energy and you can apply this to everything that you do, including your prayer. You learn how to fill yourself up with this Light of Source. You also learn to sense how this energy moves through you. Now imagine you’re reading Salaah the way you currently read it and be honest with yourself in terms of how deep you feel that connection to Source, how much you feel it fills you up and whether you can feel the presence of Divine Source in your practice as you’re meant to.

Let’s now look at energy healing in a bit more detail. Any type of Energy healing is deeply intertwined with Divine Light. The Source that we connect to during energy healing is the Source of Pure Light, Pure Love – Divine Source itself. We all connect with this Divine Source when we pray. Our breath comes from this Divine Source. The light in our eyes comes from the very same Source. That Source is Oneness. Those with a religion will often call it God or their respective name for God in their religion. If you don’t believe in a God or Creator, scientifically energy is a proven phenomena. All particles have a positive or negative charge that has an impact on it’s immediate surroundings. Scientifically, we are made of particles and this is how we are able to move through this world and influence (or not) the direction of our journey.

Throughout the course of this lifetime, we are meant to experience darkness. We come from a place of light and we are placed here to learn and to grow. Our hardships, our experiences, the reality and the temptations of this world cause wounds and in essence darkness. The role of prayer, connection and remembrance of God is so that we can fill ourselves with light. We pray because we know that we need that light more than it needs us. We pray to ask for help, to make things easier for us on this difficult journey. Each time you pray, you connect to this energy of light and is the same energy that we connect to during healing.

When you are experiencing Reiki in a session, I am connecting to the Source of Light and allowing it to flow through me and then in to you. Where your experiences have created darkness or blockages in light, it helps to remove these. Where you feel drained and you’re unable to hold the light, the energy fills you up. When I work, I put myself to one side and allow the light to guide me. This Source is the very same intelligence that created you and so it knows exactly where it’s light is needed. This is where we focus.

As a Healer, you have to be in a neutral state of mind when you work with people. You’re just a channel or a vessel that the light moves through. None of this light even belongs to you. All you are doing is accessing that light for someone who is struggling to access it and fill up for themselves. It’s important that all Healers work to neutralise their own ego in this sense.

We are not “fixing” people nor are we taking away “bad energy.” We have learnt to fill ourselves with light and we share that light to help others. Each person has a responsibility to maintain that light, including Healers themselves. Once a person has this light, it’s up to them to keep it alive through prayer, through remembrance, through taking care of themselves and working on managing their emotions. The work of a Healer is just as much on themselves as it is helping others. If we didn’t do this, we would be open to hypocrisy so walking the talk is an essential aspect of being a good healer.

When I first came to Reiki, it was purely by chance that I was led to this path. I didn’t fully know what it was until I actually did my first course. What I learnt about energy and how it works changed me in more ways than I could even imagine. I was always looking for something within myself. Sadly, the way that I was taught religion only gave me a rule book in terms of “what to do” but there was no real emphasis on the meaning of it. I think when you pray, it can be an empty prayer if you can’t feel it in your heart.

I know I’ve always felt something but it’s connection and the nature of it that pulled me in to learning because energy was something that I’d always been able to feel. I wanted to know what it was that I was feeling in my prayer and why it felt so intense. Being brought up in a generation that was taught in a punitive way, most of what I was practicing was out of fear that God would punish me rather than out of love. Spiritual Islam, Sufism, Islamic Mysticism therefore had a massive appeal for me because it taught me from a place of love. This felt more like home to me and had always pulled me ever since I started reading Rumi’s poetry in my teens. This is where I realised that I had to also connect and learn the nature of the heart and explore the various qualities of Divine Source.

When you learn Reiki, you learn the precepts or the principles that you begin to integrate in to your life. These are really simple and they make a lot of sense.

“Do not anger,

Do not worry,

Be honest,

Be humble

Be compassionate to yourself and to others.”

Is Reiki Haraam? Most of us regardless of our religious or otherwise beliefs would agree that these are sound principles and a good way to be human. When I learnt Reiki, I think it articulated the things that I needed to work on in myself in a way that had never been broken down to me in this way. We all try to be good people and sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong. We can draw from all sorts of places in terms of our understanding of what this means in practice because essentially all these ideas come from One Source. Oneness is Oneness. It has different names in different religions but all the prayers and good deeds are done in it’s name.

Learning energy and how to feel it made me realise that I had been connecting and feeling this my whole life. It gave me more than one way of connecting to the light and filling myself up with it. It enhanced my structured prayer practices because I felt more deeply connected when I understood more and when I felt like I was part of Oneness and Oneness was part of me. Filling up with light in multiple ways enabled me to overcome my own darkness. Not only that, it helped me to recognise my own ego and begin overcoming it.

It created a sense of humility. Just realising how small you are in comparison to the size of this great Universe and surrendering to the idea that if you trust in Oneness, you are taken care of. All your needs are always met. It helped me to deal with my anger and my worry in a more helpful way and to communicate with Source and ask for help with the things that I couldn’t handle on my own. It taught me to be kinder with myself and therefore learn to be kinder to others, especially those who I felt had wronged me. It taught me how to be honest with myself and with others.

All of this had already been taught to me in some way shape or form but when I applied what I learnt in Reiki, it brought what I had already been taught to life because I could really feel it. When you feel, it gives things meaning and purpose.

I have found that throughout my studies in both Reiki and Sufism, there are Universal ideas and concepts that all human beings can relate to. These are Universal truths and we are all build to be pulled towards what is good and towards truth. Often we acknowledge it with our tongues but not with our hearts. It takes the feeling to bring something to life. This is why we are alive. We are not only thinking but feeling beings.

As a result, there are a number of different types of healing that I offer so there is something for everyone. Please check out this page for more…

Essentially whether this is the way for you or not, it’s something to ponder on. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Imam Ghazali.

” Know that the key to knowing God is to know your own self. “

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