I’ve fallen out with an old friend…

Hello everyone,

Today, a story about how I’ve fallen out with an old friend. Procrastination has been a very good friend of mine for a long time, and he isn’t happy at the moment because we are really starting to fall out. Good old procrastination has comforted me and my ego for a long time, but now I can see him for what he really is, I’m wanting to say goodbye. It’s difficult letting go of an old friend, but something that need’s to go for me to continue on the journey.

I can’t remember when we met, but I my memories of Procrastination go back a long way. He was the voice that said, “It’ll be ok” and “in your own time” and “you don’t want to put that pressure on yourself.” He gave me a great deal of comfort, almost wrapped me up to the point of suffocation, and didn’t want me to leave the lovely comfort zone he had helped me to create. I thought he was helping me. I thought he was making it less painful, almost easier to take baby steps towards facing the truths that I was avoiding.

Me and Procrastination took a bit of a break from each other at that point. It was time on my own that made me realise who my true friends were, and Procrastination wasn’t one of them. Indeed, it was Procrastination that stopped me from having the time alone in the first place. He was keen that I stay put exactly where I was. He was keen that nothing changed as it kept him in a job. I fought, and I went away for a while. In that space, I awoke to a realisation and I found a new friend. My new friend was called Awareness, and she helped me to see what Procrastination was doing to limit my life choices.

So as I sat with Awareness, she began to show me images of myself. I saw everything that I could be, I saw all my potential. With Awareness holding my hand, I could observe without getting drawn in to the thoughts. It suddenly dawned on me that Procrastination was soothing me, helping me to avoid the things I needed to face. It was Awareness that showed me that I needed a way of healing myself, and the journey began with taking her hand.

After I fell out with Procrastination, things weren’t the same. My days became fuller and more meaningful. My words became more direct and meaningful. The empty space Procrastination left filled up quickly with the rich warmth of achievement. This felt like a nicer blanket to be enveloped in. In the beginning it was exhausting, and I could hear Procrastination saying, “you’re doing well, that’s great, but take a break!” but I know if I listened I would go backwards, so I stuck with it. I sat with Awareness when I felt exhausted, and she showed me the different between real rest (another good friend) and Procrastination.

So now I’ve learnt to observe who my real friends are, I am fired up and ready to go. I went for a long time without any healing for myself simply because Procrastination made me put it off. I was lucky enough to find a great healer who helped me to see my choices from a different perspective, and that was all that I needed. I did the rest of the work myself. In my healing sessions, this is what I aim to do. I show you another way of looking, and you instinctively will make the shift on your own. Don’t get me wrong, Procrastination will still come back to visit. I’ve learnt how to tell him he’s outstayed his welcome, and so he has very little else he can do, apart from leave.

Is it your time to stop Procrastination from holding you back? Are you ready to fly? If you’re ready for change, I’m more than ready to work with you so let’s get you to the best version of you possible. Healing sessions can really help you to understand where things need to change to get the shift you need. Not only do we clear away the residue of old emotion, we recharge and refresh you with the energy you need to move forward. We begin to shift all your old patterns and you set yourself new ones that serve you much better.

Give yourself a boost and book in today!!

Love and Light,


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