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Hello lovely people!

So it’s been an interesting week with the moon playing havoc with everyone’s energy and moods. Someone very close to me was poorly at the weekend. He’s had this cold that’s been flying around and had been coughing all week. He’d been to the hospital with severe back pain and there wasn’t much they could do as his ribs were bruised due to the tightness in his muscles contracting from coughing so much. I asked him if I could send some healing and he said yes. So as he lay with his eyes closed just relaxing at home, I connected to his energy from where I was and started sending him distance healing. Reiki can be given even when the person isn’t present and it works better if you have their permission because they are consenting to receiving healing.

During the session, I could feel tension in his diaphragm. The energy felt heavy and stagnant. I could feel it more on the left hand side and I felt like my hands wanted to go deep inside the diaphragm and stretch out the spine. As I worked, I could feel the energy block loosen and start moving. It felt like the energy wanted to move downwards and so I followed it down, pulling away the heaviness. The energy also felt like it wanted to expand and stretch the diaphragm. I worked for about 15 minutes and afterwards rang him to tell him what I felt.

He said the pain had been worse on the left, and that it did feel like it was so deep inside that it couldn’t be eased with just normal stretches. I suggested some breathing exercises as that is a good way to stretch your spine in a very subtle way. His pain started to ease and I have been sending regular healing bursts of energy to help with this.

For me, distance healing is something that I’m happy to send for free to anyone who needs it. For obvious reasons, I can’t feed back to individuals but I can send you the healing and would love to know what you felt during the session. I keep a list of people who have asked me to send healing and I send energy to all of them. This isn’t a substitute for a paid session, rather a energy burst that you can download every week that will support you. I send distance healing on a Monday evening with the intention that whoever has asked for it will receive it when they make the intention to download it.

Reiki is universal life force energy (Ki/Chi/Prana) which is cultivated and channelled for the purpose of healing either oneself or others. If you believe we all came from the same source, then we are all connected by that same force that created us whatever you believe that force to be. Reiki works through this connection. It is scientifically proven that particles have the ability to influence what is around them, and we are made of these particles. Never underestimate your own power!

Reiki energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Energy follows intent. This is why your thought process is so important. Positive thoughts, positive energy as it follows the intent and the same the other way around. I plan to do a blog and perhaps also a workshop on the power of thoughts, but let’s not digress!

Getting back to Reiki. There are a number of ways that Reiki can be used. There are no time or space boundaries with healing energy which means that we can get really creative in the way that we use it. What does that mean?

It means that you can send healing to people for them to receive when they are ready like I did with my friend. I could send it now for you to receive at your interview next week if that was the intention. I could send it back to myself as a child to heal old wounds and traumas that are still affecting me. I could send it to myself to receive when I go to sleep tonight. I could send it across the world to everyone who needs it. It’s pretty phenomenal how it works, and if you’ve learnt Reiki you can do this yourself.

I always say if its an individual, it’s always good to ask if you can send healing so that they are open and receptive to it. I also send healing when I hear things on the news about things that happen. Obviously, I can’t get their permission but I like to think of it as sending love where its needed.

I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity enough for you to want to try it! I would love to hear your feedback. Instructions for downloading my distance healing session can be found on my website – just click here! If you prefer the instructions via video then you can have a look at this – just click here!

If you would like to be included on the list, please let me know. You can contact me via my website or Facebook page.

Enjoy downloading!!!

Love and light,




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