Moving on…

Well…it’s been quite a hideous February! It started well and good and it really has been snowballing energy wise. There is so much coming up to clear!

For me personally, it has been a month of “out with the old.” It’s easier said than done when you undertake the process of detachment. I’ve always experienced cycles like this in my life and so it isn’t a new process, but there is something finite about the energy this month. There are people, situations, ideas and beliefs that I realise are now out of date.

You’ll know what I mean if you think about what is taking up “maintenance” in your life. I’ve been asking myself some heavy questions, and in particular where I feel like a connection to something or someone is not a joyful or meaningful exchange, I’m detaching myself from it. Now this is heavy stuff, because it brings up all sorts of emotions. Anger, guilt, resentment to name but a few. It just makes us realise how we can be held to ransom by these feelings.

The over-riding energy this month has been instability and we are learning to stand bolt upright amidst a stunningly breathtaking backdrop of uncertainty. The lesson to learn from this is TRUST and this is one of the hardest lessons because it means we have to overcome FEAR.

Fear is created by the mind, and so our higher self needs to overcome the mind. Therein lies the battle, and I think the phrase “losing my mind” captures exactly what it feels like.

To close your senses to your logical mind with it’s ideas of safety feels reckless yet exhilarating. Oscillating between fear and ecstacy and free falling in to the unknown.

To open your senses to your heart mind with its knowingness and clarity feels serene and still. There is no need for movement, for action unless it is intuitively driven.

This is a new way of being, and one that many are experiencing as we evolve in consciousness and ascend. For me personally, I’m still learning to navigate these different dimensions and it can be pretty challenging.

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