Not knowing when the dawn will come…

“Not knowing when the dawn will come

I open every door.” Emily Dickinson

I read this quote years ago. It’s a good reminder for me always that hope is one of the foundations of faith. Indeed without hope, life itself would be futile.

Life presents us all with challenges. Life also has a way of throwing you a curveball and you find yourself in a situation that you never believed was even possible. Over the last few months, I feel like this has really been a big theme. Not only for myself but for those around me. Talking to others, sharing our experiences and our outlooks on life has really made me reflect on this idea of hope.

When we are down, it is usually because we are in despair. When that train takes you, it’s a downward spiral and it really is difficult. If you’re like me or any of my friends, the first stage of this despair is all the possible negative permutations, thinking the worst and taking yourself to a hopeless place. It doesn’t feel good however I do believe that it’s necessary. After all, we have to reach the bottom of the barrel before we can spring back up.

It takes a while sometimes before you catch yourself. The thing to notice is that even within the despair you’re searching for a solution. This is what tells us that there is hope. We can formulate solutions but sometimes we just feel powerless. And when we get to the point of feeling powerless, in that moment a spiritual growth occurs. That pain is necessary for us to reach contentment. The powerlessness is needed for us to acknowledge that there’s something so much bigger at play here.

Now if you’re in a downward spiral, it’s worth getting clear on your beliefs. This love and connection that we have with our Creator is critical in our lives at both happy times and sad times. It’s important to acknowledge that when you’re going through the heart wrenching bit, He sees you and is at his closest. For me, the acknowledgement that I am not alone in that moment is always a powerful shift. The answer lies in attempting to answer the question….what is He asking of me in this situation?

I’m not saying the answer will appear straight away. Reflection and connection means being able to see through the fog that you’ve created for yourself with your thoughts. It tells us how powerful our energy is and it also tells us that negative energy is much easier to generate than positive energy! So with the recognition that you are an energetic being, it’s worth trying to make yourself still and ponder and reflect. The first stage of this reflection is to come to some sort of point of acceptance.

Acceptance is probably the most difficult part of the journey and a bitter pill to swallow. When we are fighting with our circumstances, it’s because the human part of us is screaming “This should not be happening to me!” Once we accept that it IS indeed happening, things start to shift. You may not like it but it IS happening. Can you be ok with that?

When we accept where we are right now, it opens up the space and energy within ourselves for hope and solutions to arrive. It requires being very still and sitting through the pain sometimes but that’s ok. From this place of acceptance we can begin to focus on the hope.

We do not know what the answers and solutions are but the hope is the bit where you believe that they will arrive. It may not be in the timing that you’d like but it’s understanding that someone upstairs…the “Management” as I like to call them is in charge and knows exactly what and when. This brings us to the next part of the process…prayer followed by trust.

We’ll cover prayer in next time’s blog so you’ll have to stay tuned for that!

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