Pathway 1: Individuated Creation

Pathway 1: Individuated Creation – Al-Mubdi

So I did my usual flick through the book to see where I needed to start on this journey. I asked for the pathway that would most help me as I set out on this growth path and the pages fell to pathway number 58. “When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to find the place in you that is helping you to grow more and more into yourself – a unique, fully human, being.” (p158)

Interesting, I thought. Upon first reflection, I was thinking but I’m here to be a spiritual being not a human being, and then it hit me that actually being in a human body makes me very human, and perhaps this journey really is about fully exploring our human as well as our soul.

In exploring this pathway, we explore that our human and our soul have a shared existence. The book talks about this idea that we have agreed to experience and live this existence in order to pass it on to others, just like our ancestors did before us. This pathway is about real change that comes from the heart in the way that we see life and our experiences.

We can take something that may be negative and make it into a positive. We can also take what we know to be our positives, and ask the Divine to make these grow in order to serve humanity. In reflecting on this, we realise that everything can be changed, or effectively everything is constantly changing.

Imagine there is a whole process of transformation occurring for you somewhere in the cosmos, yet while you struggle to accept yourself, while you continue to judge yourself, you’re almost standing in the way of that powerful process.

We work on self-help and transformation, but this is telling us that alchemy is a given and perhaps the only thing we need to do is to recognise the qualities in ourselves, and see even those qualities that we view as a “liability” (as the book puts it) as a gift.

We can change to meet each moment. That is profound, but when we think about it, this is something that we do all the time. The power is in our hands is what this is telling us. Transformation is a capability that we can tap in to if we wish to. It’s there, just knowing how to get to it.

And so, I begin with the practice of centering in the heart and seeing what resonates. Immediately, I find myself asking the Divine to change me for the better, to transform me to what each moment asks of me, and to do this honestly.

I’ll be back in a few days with more insights. I feel this one is going to take a little time to embed. In the meantime, here’s the Video Link – Just Click This!

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