Pathway 2: The Star

Az-Zahir – The Star

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to focus on the face of the One Being in you that is conspicuous, clear, and radiating.”

This second pathway, for me comes at a really good time. This pathway is about shining outwardly, making an impression on people’s lives and it really resonated with me because of the work that I do. I often ponder on this pathway as this thing about shining takes a lot of work!

When I get a client in and we’ve had a really big breakthrough, or when a client is here for the first time and they open up in a really deep way, I find myself thinking “I really do have a gift here and I am using it to make a difference.”

Personally for me, this healthy self-love has been a battle and in this field we always have to be mindful of EGO. It’s a balance between being humble on the one hand because I am in a blessed position to be able to own these gifts and use them to help others, but I think I’ve always felt shy about blowing my own trumpet and talking about how good I am at what I do.

It feels ok for me to say to myself, “you’re amazing at what you do.” It feels ok when my clients say this to me but for some reason for me to say it out loud creates this discomfort in me. I think this is where exploring this pathway might be a good way of finding this balance.

“This pathway tells us that working outwardly in life can be just as important as doing inner work.” (p206) When I read this, I started challenging myself on this. The explanation of this pathway makes a reference to the different ways in which we teach – sometimes subtle and in a roundabout way and sometimes more obviously and openly. In the healing room, both these methods are employed, and when you have someone in person it is easier to read both your heart and theirs and sense your way to what will work.

But when your main route for reaching people is the written word through social media, for some reason a veil comes over what you really want to say, or rather you write in a way that allows people to listen in a certain way. This is quite an eye opening challenge for me in terms of authenticity. I think part of living this pathway over the next week or so will be this consideration of what I really want to say and how that comes out of me. I am watching this very carefully now!

One thing is very clear for me though and it feels like the Universe has thrown down the gauntlet and said, “You want to be heard? Go on then, write, shine, don’t filter.” So that’s the plan. In so many ways, I’ve been being called to write for so long, and I’ve been dabbling but not really putting myself out there so this pathway poses quite a challenge for me.

Part of the process is this letting go of fear. When your message is so public, of course you will be judged, but if you wake people up you encourage others to take action. Maybe that’s what this pathway is signalling for me. I want to be up there leading, so here’s the opportunity to do it.

So, I’m going to spend the rest of this week pondering this pathway some more, and will put together a YouTube video that goes with this pathway once I have some more insights.

I’ll be back when I’m back!

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