Pathway 3: Universal Life Energy

Pathway 3: Al-Hayy – Universal Life Energy

“Everything we need can be found within us, when we feel our personal “I am” connected to the Universal “I Am”

This pathway introduces us to our own personal energy that we have within us. I’ve always talked about this energy as our own unique signature, and this pathway is about exploring what that is, and how we use it to connect to what’s around us.

For me, this has been a really important pathway and one that has brought with it a great deal of self-recognition. The pathway talks about the breath as the Life Force, and it talks about the ways in which we hold and contain energy within ourselves. I think more often than not, we forget that we are connected to something greater than ourselves. I do this work day in and day out, and I’m totally aware of that connection while I am working, but sometimes outside of this room, life takes over and it is easy to forget. We look outside for the answers sometimes and this pathway is teaching us that everything we need is within, and within is connected to something greater than ourselves. The breath is a constant reminder of our connection to that big “I AM” – the power of the universe.

In the introduction to the pathway, it mentions that we are looking to someone else to tell us what to do, especially if we are feeling lost. I can resonate with this. I do a lot of readings for people, and they are looking for just this information. A reading will just confirm what you are already thinking, but it feels reassuring that the same information has come from outside of you, from someone else. Funny that, because what it should really tell you is that you had the answers all along! It’s called being human, and reassurance in a tangible form from another human being can make all the difference sometimes. It’s what gives us confirmation and reassurance and makes us feel safe enough to take action and follow through.

The bulk of my work is to show people how to look for themselves, and when they find the information, how to build the strength to act on it. I think there is great benefit in having the guidance, so for me it’s about being shown where and how to look rather than being given the answers – does that make sense?

I remember when I finished my Reiki Master and my teacher said, “You’re on your own now – Goodbye!” I laughed, but because I knew there was a harsh and scary truth in that. As I’ve grown in what I do, more and more I find people looking to me for the answers. I have had to have a lot of patience sometimes, and know that all the deep diving and delving I do in to my own subconscious to retrieve my own answers helps others in finding theirs.

This pathway points to everything being within, and understanding that within is connected to outside. Within is for me the most natural place to be. I’ve mentioned in previous articles that navigating the outside world has never been easy for me. I prefer solitude, and I challenge myself continuously to connect in ways such as this because I realise that I am just as connected to the Earth as I am to the sky.

I find great comfort in that connection with the big “I AM” and I think it helps to see that connection in everything worldly. That’s a challenge. When shit gets real, you lose it, but it’s always coming back to that something you can call home. That connection is timeless and has always been there.

Living this pathway has brought me a new found confidence and trust, as well as patience and a realisation of purpose. I have all the tools within, sometimes I am just a little lazy to use them!

We are unique in the way that we connect to our Source, and we are unique in the way that life disconnects us from Source. The magic of life is discovery. The magic is knowing it doesn’t matter how many times you slip away, you always come home to that connection. In your darkest moments, that is what you connect to. When there is nobody else that can help, that’s what you call on to get you through.

However deep you go, you realise that you haven’t even scratched the surface. For me, this gives me great comfort. It means I will never run out of things to explore! I will always be learning and in this learning, I will always have a place to call home.

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