Pathway 7: Remembrance and Preservation

Pathway 7: Al-Hafiz – Remembrance and Preservation


I found it quite curious when after what feels like an eternity, I picked up this book again and asked to be shown a pathway that I needed to explore. I have been away for a few months, working on myself mainly, but starting to emerge again after the processing time and feeling ready to write and film again.

I would say this pathway was the beginning of the turnaround and re-entry in to my Blog and Vlog space in many ways. The pathway is about staying within yourself and not getting thrown off balance with success or failure. A deep lesson to be learned and it covers the ground between the last pathway to this very one.

This pathway is more introspective than some of the ones that we have covered so far even though all the pathways call for this inward look. Simply observing your outward reality will show you a reflection of the Universe within you. I feel like I have gone from chaos to silence. From complexity to simplicity and back again.

It felt like I entered a void, like a black hole. For me, it is terrifying and comforting all at the same time when I go through this process. I’ve been a bit of a hermit, and emerging in my own time feels like the best way for me. And I am emerging. It feels like I’m starting to fly without fear and happy to simply to burn in the light. We talked of being undone in the last pathway, and in a previous one we spoke of burning away tension and grief. I feel like those processes are ending, and another is beginning. I can’t really describe the feeling, but it’s a shade of enlightenment that involves action and for me that’s slightly intimidating but enables me to realise my potential.

Exploring this pathway we are reminded to ask ourselves, “What are we about?” and “What is the purpose of what we are doing?” It really is worth a stop and look sometimes. The festive break gives us an opportunity to review and take stock. Sometimes just the thought of it makes us want to run for the hills. One way or another, either by force or by choice, we enter in to a space that is either hostile or welcome.

Going in this void (willingly or reluctantly!) is one way that those big questions can be answered. It felt as if I had to go in and retrieve yet more parts of myself that were lost. In the healing room, this is what I do for other people and it’s a beautiful gift. Self-mastery on the other hand is a whole other ballgame and walking your talk when there’s chaos ensuing in your life is tough.

I notice as I write this blog that my tone and my energy have changed. I feel as if I am (in this moment) connected to my purpose and getting closer to actualisation. I have no fear neither do I have excitement. Simply staying within and that is one the beautiful lessons of this pathway.

I say “in this moment” because it only applies in this single moment. I notice that when we are “doing life” this connection and the awareness of it can sometimes be forgotten. I keep having to remind myself.

Hafiz is an interesting word. It means “preserver” or “guardian”. In Islam, a person that has memorised the entire Quran and taken it’s knowledge and wisdom to his/her heart is known as “Hafiz/ah.”

Extending the metaphor that the physical body is protecting the organs within, it makes perfect sense that our outer shell or persona is what preserves the Divinity within. Now I could write for hours about my thoughts on this, but suffice to say that the entire Universe, all the knowledge and wisdom within it exists inside of me. It exists inside of you. Under the chaos of life, we only need to know where to look to find it. We are all travelling in our own internal universe and as we move towards the light, our paths converge and unify. We can apply the idea of preservation on a personal level and on a collective level. We protect ourselves, and we protect our world – however you choose to define “world.” In essence, we are all atoms of the One same being.

However, if you’ve ever been in the void, you’ll know that it is a very complicated filing system! You go in looking for one thing, and you may stumble upon something else that catches your attention. If you’re anything like me, you could be in there all day! Days, weeks, months…so let’s just say I got lost in the archives looking for something and this is what I came back with.

What I perhaps hadn’t realised, which is more pertinent for me of late, is that I’ve always thought of myself (in relation to this work) as a Sharer or WayShower. I hadn’t even considered the possibility of being a preserver or a guardian of the knowledge and wisdom I have access to, and that we all have access to.

That’s deep right? And it’s also challenging, because therein lies responsibility. Unusually for me, there is a consciousness and a need for perfection in the way these messages are delivered. What started out as an experiment now feels like important work, for my own learning and benefit and for others reading this. I feel I am changing on the inside and extending what was learnt in the last pathway. What I hold is something of value and I am conscious that it is within me. “Preservation is for the purpose of passing something valuable on to others.”

That moment when it hits you that time has gone by, you’re 38 years old and you have work to do!

This is it!

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