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So you get in this taxi right, and the driver says, “Where to, Madam?” Erm…erm…he starts driving waiting for you to make up your mind. You’ve seriously drawn a blank, so you figure you’ll just let him keep going until you come to someplace you’d like to go.

Looking out of the window, you see buildings and then some fields…then you’ve gone past another village…and another…now you’re on the motorway…There aren’t even any signs anymore. Seriously, you don’t know where the f*** you’re going and you think you’ll know in a minute…but that minute isn’t coming anytime soon. You’re sat in the back of the cab, letting someone else drive you all over town.

Tick Tock. The meter keeps running and you’re still thinking about where you want to go. Every now and then, he’ll ask you if you’ve decided yet. “Erm…I don’t know” So he keeps driving while you sit there watching everything pass you by through the window.

So you’ve been in this taxi for the most part of the day now. He’s just driving, that’s his job and until you tell him where you’re going, he’ll just take you wherever he likes.

So…how does this story end? Pick 1 or 2 to move on.

If you picked 1:

You have no idea where you are now. Your anxiety starts to build, bubbling in your belly and you realise you don’t recognise anything out of the window. You are well and truly lost and if he can’t take you back, you’re screwed! This driver’s taken you on a wild goosechase all across tens of cities and towns.

You’re starting to feel a bit panicky and really lost now. Your hands are clammy, your throat is dry and your face is prickly heat as it bubbles up and you can’t take any more, you shout ”STOP!!!”

Emergency break and grind to a screeching halt!

“That’ll be three thousand, six hundred and fifty seven pounds and forty nine pence please.”

What the f***?! So now you have this hefty bill to pay, you’re in the middle of god knows where and you have no idea how to get back.

If you picked 2:

You’ve chosen to go back to the beginning and start fresh with this journey. You’re sick of being driven, and you’re going to start again and do it differently.

You’re waiting for the taxi when you realise that you could be driving your own car. It’s a small investment, and a bit scary but you go for it. You know exactly where you want to go, and so you get in, get your seatbelt on and start driving.

It feels odd at first, but you get used to the gears and it becomes really easy to drive. You’re getting really comfortable now that you’ve mastered how this car works. It feels effortless, and when you come across a bump in the road, you just glide over it.

You decide how fast or slow you go. You decide how many stops you make and you decide if you want to take any passengers with you. You’re in complete control. You are in the driver’s seat. You know when to fill up, and you know just what you need to maintain your car.

You’re really loving the drive. Your hands on the wheel, steering yourself in the direction you want to go. No traffic lights, nothing to stop you! Wind in your hair and a total sense of freedom!

This feels amazing! You’re in control and you’ve got this down!

Serious message here peeps…


You can either take a back seat in your own life, letting other people make your decisions OR you can take control and be the driving force in your own life. The best thing is that you get to choose.

I know which one I’d choose. I love working with people who are ready to take control of the wheel. With my healing, support and guidance, you’ll be in the Grand Prix in life.

What do you get by working with me?

You get your freedom back and you get to be making the decisions about your life. You get your power and your control back. You become strong enough to say enough is enough and stop taking the bullshit. You get the balls to cut off the people who you know are bringing you down. You get to wake up with a smile on your face knowing that although life isn’t perfect, but there’s no reason why it can’t be great! You get back your inner awesome and you shine!

My Healing Programme is in high demand so you need to get booking at least 3 weeks before you want to get started. I’ve filled my August intake already and I only have capacity to work with 3 more clients beginning in September.

Get in there first and book in your discovery call today and we can pimp your ride to get you back on the road in style!!!

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