Reiki Training – Level One Certificate

2 day course

Reiki training at level one is open to everyone with an interest in energy and how it works. Taught by an experienced Reiki Master, we teach you how energy healing works but ways to use it do your own inner work and self healing. Learning about energy will also benefit you if you want to understand your own spiritual awakening and continue to grow and develop. Using Reiki energy healing, you’re also able to do your own own self-healing. You learn to understand yourself and your energy in a way that helps you to align to your life purpose. Reiki training is the catalyst for change, big change. It isn’t just working with energy. It’s learning how it applies in everyday real life and to your emotions and relationships. Reiki is a tool to help you manage everyday stresses and cope better with life.

The blessing of Reiki is transmitted through an energy empowerment and your Reiki Master will pass this on to you. We’ll also teach you how to use the energy and will guide you when you need it, even if that’s years from now!

Courses vary and it’s good to speak to a range of teachers to get a feel for what you will be taught and ensure you feel a good connection with who you choose to teach you. The daily energy meditation and the self-healing are the foundations and so ensure that these are included as part of your course.

Our course is in depth for a level one and is geared towards you using it every day to work on yourself and begin your healing process. You’ll learn about the origins of Reiki, how it has developed in to what it is known to be today. The Reiki precepts are taught with an understanding of how they apply to everyday life. We teach you the daily energy meditation and the Self-Treatment meditation. These practices combined with the precepts are the foundations of self-transformation and spiritual growth.

Reiki training gives you the tools to become calmer, more positive and balanced. You learn how to cultivate and channel energy for the purpose of healing yourself and helping others. It’s a powerful way of connecting with yourself.

Learning options and prices:

Reiki training at Level One is offered in different learning formats based on your needs. Refresher courses are also available so get in touch for more information.

  • In Person:  £177 – Fully tailored to you and includes course manual, meditation audios, empowerments and guidance throughout your journey.
  • One to One via Zoom: £155 – Fully tailored to you and includes course manual, meditation audios, empowerments and guidance throughout your journey.

Reiki Training – Level 2 (Practitioner Certificate)

2 day course

Practitioner Level Reiki is open to those who have done Reiki Level One. The pre-requisite for this course is that you’ve worked with the energy meditations and done your own self-healing for at least 3 – 6 months. This is because each level of Reiki takes your connection deeper and you need to be ready for the next leap. If you are thinking of training as a Practitioner, it is important that you have experience of self-healing as this provides depth and credibility to your practice and better understanding and empathy when it comes to working with clients.

The practice from Reiki Level One is essential in preparing for your Reiki Practitioner Course. There are 3 further empowerments at Practitioner level that will take your understanding and experience of energy further and deeper. You’ll learn about different types of energy and distance healing. You’ll also learn a whole new bag of healing tricks that will enhance your ability to help yourself and others.

This course will help you understand who you are as healer and develop your unique gifts. It will also further develop your intuition, healing style and technique and ensure that you are fully prepared as a practitioner should you wish to help others. Its standard for us to have a chat to assess your readiness for this next step.  We only teach people who have been working on themselves as we believe that all practitioners need to walk their talk in order to be effective and credible.

In Person:  £277 – Fully tailored to you and includes course manual, meditation audios, empowerments and guidance throughout your journey.

Dates: By arrangement and In Person only. Please get in touch for a chat and more details.

Reiki Master/Teacher Training

2 to 3 Day Course

Details available on request.