The Spiritual Journey

Spirituality – what is it all about? For me, it’s an understanding of the soul and this idea that there is something greater than us that created us to be in this world. It’s about connecting with this overarching Soul of the world and beginning to find your place in it.

Everyone at some point goes through some sort of awakening where they realise that perhaps there’s more to this world than what we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Sometimes it’s after something major has happened when you have this feeling that something is looking after you or has saved you from something far worse.

People experience this awakening in many different ways depending on their life circumstances and experiences. I believe we all have the potential to be awakened. I believe that the breath of Divine Source came through us when we were first created and on a subconscious or unconscious level, we all remember that moment.

The experiences that awaken us are those that trigger that memory and life is never the same again. We know there is something but we just don’t know what that is or how to articulate what it is that we are looking for.

Once activated, this search begins. This search turns in to a mission and it’s everywhere we turn. There are signs everywhere we look. Synchronistic happenings that lead us to people and places and experiences that feel deeply like they were just meant to be.

Through this process we begin to believe in a Divine plan, a blueprint for all life. Within in, we have our own plan that is connected to the paths of others, our own unique Soul Blueprint.

It’s an energy and energy connects. The more we seek, the more we create the energy that pulls in others that seek what we seek. It pulls in the information that we need and the experiences that open us up further.

Curioser and curioser, down the rabbit hole we go. This journey is full of all emotions, not just the joy and wonder but the pain and sorrow. It becomes like doing a PhD whilst riding the big dipper. It’s frustrating. It’s exhilarating. It’s magical. It’s tiring.

We fall in and out of love as we begin to uncover the depths of our own soul. It feels like being deeply in love this spiritual yearning and curiosity. It’s a deeper pull to something that can not be quantified but drives the way that you live your life. It governs your manners, your interactions, your personal space, your sacred self.

This current that lives deep beneath the waters of your soul entices you. It can not be seen, but it’s movement can be felt throughout every aspect of your life. It becomes difficult and challenging to comprehend that this body is a vehicle that houses something so magnificent. A temporary body that is fading away with every breath. We remind ourselves to be conscious that life slips away from us so quickly yet live as if we have all the time in the world.

This body needs reminding. It doesn’t always do as it’s asked but we learn to love it in all its imperfections because it too is a gift, just like the time that we have been granted here. Although it’s just a suitcase, this suitcase has little windows through which the soul seeps out.

We’re lucky if we get a glimpse inside. In each moment of being called, we yearn, our hearts break and keep on breaking as life cracks us open to show the wounds where my Shaikh Rumi says is “where the light has entered.”

In this seeking, we understand our Master’s analogy of the intoxication of this sweet spiritual wine. I don’t care. I need to have more. I need to keep feeling like this. When we surrender to this, even though we are blinded by the light, we know that we are being guided.

Trust is a house built for the broken. You see me clearer than I see myself. What do I know? You know my heart better than I know myself.

I’ll hurt, I’ll break and I’ll bleed in this broken house in this broken world. If I die with surrender, let this be while I am in your house, as your guest.

Salaam (Peace) be with you



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