What is Sufi Healing?

Sufi Healing is a traditional prayer based methodology that helps clear all types of spiritual issues. There is an entire body of healing knowledge that uses healing verses in order to provide relief and healing. The knowledge is passed from a trained healer to student and all our healers have undertaken an accreditation process to ensure that they have attained the necessary requirements to do this sort of work. It is important to note that as healers, we choose to work only in a lighted way because we are accountable for leaving people better than we found them.

Spiritual clearing the Sufi healing way is the most effective way of dealing with what is often called psychic or energetic attack. Generally speaking, this is when we have identified that a person’s problems or mental state are being caused or rather amplified by a spiritual issue as opposed to a mental or emotional issue. Spiritual or energetic attacks can create a great deal of problems for people moving forward and can prevent a person from being all that they could be or achieving their goals.

What is energetic or psychic attack?

Energetic or psychic attack, simply put, is negative energy from an external source that influences your thoughts, actions and behaviour.  It can also create financial and relationship blocks and delay your progress in life. This energy can come from people, places, memories, traumas and experiences.

This energy can be projected towards you either consciously or unconsciously. It can also form an attachment and become part of who you are. Times of hardship, stress and trauma make us more susceptible to spiritual illnesses such as psychic attack. This is because when your heart breaks, it leaves a void. This makes you vulnerable and often this is the energy that feeds a psychic attack. More than likely, the heart will shut down and won’t let anyone in after such an experience. This “feeling alone” becomes exaggerated, especially if something external has made it’s way in to the heart.

Symptoms of psychic attack

There are a number of different ways in which this energy manifests in our lives. Below is a list of typical ways it manifests but it’s important to note that everyone is different.

  • A feeling of being “alone” or that others do not understand you
  • A feeling of being “not right” but not being able to explain how or why
  • A sense that you have no control over your life or your thoughts
  • Sleep paralysis – a feeling of being held down in your sleep
  • Unstable mood and difficulty sustaining positivity
  • Constant nervous/anxious feelings
  • Highs and lows that change very quickly
  • Feeling as if your thoughts are not your own
  • Feeling contempt for specific people who you love
  • A feeling of being watched or sensing shadows or a presence
  • Seeing faces when you close your eyes before you fall asleep
  • Vivid and lucid dreaming
  • Sadness, anxiety and depression
  • Feeling heavy and lethargic especially on waking up in the morning
  • Feeling blocked in life or unable to get things done and progress
  • A pressing pain on top of the head or the soles of the feet – with a burning sensation at times
  • A persistent ringing in the ears
  • Brain fog – unable to think clearly
  • Night sweats – body overheating at night
  • Things going wrong and then continuing on a downward trend
  • A feeling of waiting for things to go wrong especially when things are going well

What can you do about it?

If the symptoms above sound familiar to you, the first step is to have a spiritual check. This will enable us to identify whether there is uninvited energy that needs to be cleared. In order to do this check, you’ll need to provide your details through this simple form.

Clearing Process

If there is an issue, we can discuss the treatment options. It is important to note that the clearing process takes time but you should notice a difference within the first couple of weeks if you follow the guidance and instructions. The methods that we use are from traditional Sufi Healing methodologies that have proven extremely effective for these types of issues.

Your commitment

It’s really important that you start the process of building yourself and your light from the inside out. Remember that these energies get in to the void which has been created in your heart and so to build your own resilience to psychic attack, you need to learn how to keep yourself full and focused. There are different ways to do this and the treatment includes “homework” to ensure that you’re on track. It’s important to maintain this after your treatment is finished as a means of protecting your own energy.

If you would like to book a spiritual check and follow up call, please get in touch.

We will contact you with regards the results of the check once it has been done.



  • Spiritual Check and callback – £20
  • Spiritual Clearing – £75 (includes all items required for healing and light blasts if needed)