The Healing Works Approach to Business WellBeing

Life stresses affect all of us and one of the main ways we see the impact of a busy and stressful lifestyle is when we’ve been signed off sick. I felt compelled to write this blog as most of my clients make appointments when they’ve been signed off. This intervention plays a big part in their recovery. Work and home are often inter-related and they have to be in quite a state before they’ll seek help. They’ve come because they want to feel well enough to go back to work, or they feel anxious about going back to work. The one thing that affects resilience more than anything is mindset, and at Healing Works our approach works on physical, mental, emotional and mindset recovery. It is truly holistic, and it is unique. It was developed as a result of my own workplace experience as well as experience with working with clients. I see a real need for employers to take the wellbeing of their staff seriously, particularly if they want business success. Businesses are only as good as their people. Healing Works helps people to get the best from themselves.

Before I entered self-employment full time, I worked for a local authority for 13 years. We had access to counselling, but nobody ever took it up. We had staff benefits at a gym, and various other groups and clubs. There was a lot of information online about mental health and staying well. All of these things were in place, yet people were still stressed. I know when I left my full time role at the Council, my team at the time were facing a restructure. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to help people through this process and my alternative therapies were really popular with my colleagues. My role within the team was to provide the help and support to others, and as an unbiased team member (I was leaving) it was easy for me to do this effectively.

My work involves SHOWING people how to stay well, and mindset is the most important aspect of this. It’s great giving people access to information, but it’s more effective to have practical tools, motivational coaching and access to interventions that will support and prevent from the outset. I help business owners to do this and I’m now putting my work to the test and looking for organisations that are ready to really take employee wellbeing to the next level. It won’t cost the earth, and once trained, your staff will be your solution. Healing Works is about creating the ripple effect and what I teach once, will be re-taught over and over again. It’s effective and sustainable.

I believe prevention is more effective than finding a cure. My interventions are effective and enable people to get back to work quicker and in a much better state of mind. Often what employers offer is reactive rather than preventative. An holistic approach saves you time, money and effort.

It isn’t just about people who are off work sick though. The work I do is designed to get the best out of people, and it is even more effective in growing the motivation and productivity of your workforce. A healthy and happy workforce prevents sickness absence.

I’ve recently launched 90 day intensive coaching plus healing programmes and the first tranche of clients graduating from this programme have provided stunning feedback on the effectiveness of the approach. If you would like to know more about how I can help you and/or your business, please do get in touch to request more information – click here

If you’re serious about getting the best from your employees, I’d love to hear from you. You can book a free no obligation discovery session by contacting me directly.

Hafsa Mitha

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