The Power of Prayer

“The power of prayer” is what I truly believe makes the world go round. Prayer is essential to healing. It is necessary for ourselves to help ourselves but equally for us to help others.

I work with people of all faiths and I think that our Great Creator planned that for me for a reason. I know that in the course of my spiritual journey, I’ve come across so many different spiritual philosophies and belief systems and I’ve been exposed to many different ways in which people access their connection.

I’ve always followed the path of the Heart because that is what appeals to me. Sufism is at the core of everything for me and always has been. I can lean in to other ideas and I can understand and relate to these energies. There isn’t a right or wrong way. I think when we get together in order to share and affirm what we believe to be true we see that as human beings, we have a great deal more that is shared. Even if we simply come together in the Love of the Creator and to acknowledge and sing his praises, it heals our hearts.

Prayer at it’s simplest is a transmission of positive energy. It requires a feeling of connection and it’s simply sending those loving good wishes from one heart to another. We do this a lot without even realising. For example, if we come across someone who tells us their troubles and we’re moved by their situation, our hearts will immediately make a wish for their troubles to be eased. This is essentially a prayer. We want things to be better for them. Our heart is making this prayer.

I think a lot of people avoid prayer because the word itself is very contentious. A lot of us have never been taught how to pray. Those of us that have been taught may have been taught in a way that doesn’t include the heart and the feeling in the prayer.

At it’s simplest, it is a conversation with “The Management.” That power that is greater is always listening and is there to help and assist you.

The starting point is this conversation…which many people avoid because it isn’t really a conversation. A conversation would be two-way. Your companion is trust and belief that He’s there and He’s listening. You may not get anything back but the most important thing that you gain from this is this understanding that you are placing your trust and reliance upon something greater than you. That’s faith. You keep knocking on that door until it opens. You keep asking and you will begin to see that you are being guided. That connection and the process of prayer shapes and moulds your senses to be ready. It’s very powerful.

All we need for prayer to happen is to be mindful in our connection. All we need is to connect our hearts and pour in to that space what is in our hearts. Not just asking for ourselves but asking for those who have pulled on our heartstrings. Knowing that he can do for us what he has done for others and he can do for others what he has done for us…that’s the key to prayer.

Whether you believe or not, I think the idea of letting out what’s in there is what matters here. And what comes of that will have it’s own results.

I’m just coming at this from my own personal experience but I think this idea of prayer and sending energy through prayer is one worth exploring. Often people will tell me that they want to pray but they don’t know how to. Everyone has their own way and to simply pour your heart out to something greater than you is prayer. That’s how I started and as I found my belief system, my prayer processes began to become more formalised and disciplined.

Connect. Share. Ask for what you need.

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