The quickest way to where you want to be…

The quickest way to where you want to be is with the right help and support. As I work through my own stuff, it occurs to me that the one story we tell ourselves is that we’ll do things when the time comes. What if the time never comes though? The most powerful thing when it comes to change, and it was a complete game changer for me, wasn’t thinking about change at all. It was thinking about what happens if things stay the same.

So I want you to imagine your world and what’s going on for you. Next pick a thing that frustrates you. Now imagine that thing carries on frustrating you. How does that make you feel? Does it make you sink deeper? Does it make you want to change something? Does it worry you?

Now think about what you do want. I want you to picture it in detail. What does it look like? How does it feel? Who is around you? What does it feel like to have the support you need? Does it feel better than where you are now? This process is what helps us to create hope for ourselves. The focus on what we do want, rather than staying in what we don’t want. On a personal level, the realisation that I don’t want it to be this way is the thing that makes me think about how I want things to be. Then I focus on the things I want rather than the things I don’t. This gives me hope.

When we play it through, it’s usually at the point where this can’t continue are we ready to accept that something needs to change.Over time, I’ve noticed that it’s the wanting to feel better that brings people to me. The focus of wanting to have nicer thoughts, better feelings and reassurance that there is hope goes a long way in changing how things look when you’re in that hole.

Change is a scary thing for everyone. It goes beyond our comfort zone, it presents the unfamiliar, it creates the fight or flight instinct, it denies us the sense of control that we all need to feel. Deep inside though, we want all the good things that life offers them but it sometimes feels like you are in a goldfish bowl and can’t quite reach them. This is why I say the quickest way to where you want to be is through the right help and support.

For me, being supported through change makes it a less fearful process. This is why I created my “Year of Change” coaching programme. It is designed to support you through the process of change. The first thing we work out is where you’d like to be, your intentions and your goals. These are the personal things that are difficult to articulate, and we work through this process so that we can start formulating a plan.

We plan in your intensive healing sessions, it’s up to you how you space these out. Each session will have a specific focus – the things that are important for you. This is different from a normal coaching programme as we do the healing work alongside the coaching. After each session, you will receive a written action plan. These are things you work on in-between sessions. We also arrange a phone call so that we can review how things are going, and make any adjustments. You also get one extra emergency healing session completely free!

I call it a year of change, but if you’re in a hurry you can get through it quicker! It’s ideal for people who want the support, positive motivation and the healing to help them get to where they want to go. It’s a personal transformation that we are working on. The quickest way to where you want to be is with the right help and support. This is for people who are serious about achieving their goals and working on themselves.

If this sounds like you, I’m happy to talk it through with you. Book a free consultation – click here or give me a call to talk it through.

I look forward to working with you!!!


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