The wobble

Hello lovely people,

Every now and then, everyone has a wobble…even me!

The past week has been a great deal of contemplation and reflection. Sometimes, we find ourselves so stuck in the actual work that we forget ourselves in the process. I’ve been taking a bit of time out to just reflect and think about where I want this to go. I think the reason I wanted to write about it was that I spend a lot of time advising people to ensure that they are making time for themselves. Imagine the rude awakening I had when my dearest friend pointed out the same to me. Thanks Irfan!

It is a really interesting dynamic how our work defines us as people, especially in my line of work. It is sometimes blurry where the lines of separation are. As people, our day jobs are a massive part of our lives. This week I have met people who are solely defined by their work. You notice the patterns of speech and the metaphors they use that come from their sphere of work. I’ve also met people who make a clear and distinct boundary between work and their out of work persona. Having worked in a local authority for 12 years, I have always found this interesting.

However much we try and separate, when you take it down to the nuts and bolts of it, we are whole beings and work is part of that whole. Whether we like it or not, it filters through in to our personalities. There are those people that talk solely of work and nothing else. There isn’t anything wrong in that. It is their entire world. I’m probably one of them. It does sometimes make me feel like I am missing out on the person underneath that. I kinda felt I was missing out on myself.

I can liken this to an illness in the same way. I suppose the only way that I can describe it is as a form of attachment. It provides us with a sense of identity. I have learnt this week that I am more than just identity! Finding balance in your world is a difficult thing. For me, I love to work. I am as laid back as anything, but my work is my absolute joy. I am finding ways now to find space in that for me as a person. I’m beginning to be off duty with my friends and family and really explore who I am other than the healer and teacher.

I guess the moral of today’s little message is to just take a look at how much you are defined by what you do and how much space do you allow for yourself. For me, there is a lesson here. I am better at what I do when I am looking after myself which is something that is a high priority for me. This means my clients get the best me possible! The nicest thing is being able to bring who I am to the work. My sessions deal with heavy issues, but I like to keep it light. As a healer, being able to make someone laugh is the best release and I have had some proper giggles with clients this week!

So now that “me time” is scheduled in the diary, and I’ve spent some time getting organised, I want to let you know that the healing meditation group is now up and running. Sundays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7pm. I plan on doing some spiritual development as part of the sessions so they will be varied.

Until next time…

Love and Light,

H x

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