Trusting your instincts

A friend of mine always says, “When you know, you just know that you know” and she is so right.

Sometimes in life, we firmly believe something that we just know in our gut is meant to be and is right. This is because, I believe, when our souls were created, the map of our lives was firmly imprinted on it. In life, we get little signs and signals telling us where to go next. Some people call this a sixth sense or a gut instinct.

The idea of a “soul tribe” is something believed to be a new age phenomenon. The soul tribe is the group of souls you lived or travelled with when your soul was created. When we meet someone from our soul tribe, we instantly recognise them. Our soul understands who this is, even if they are a stranger. You connect in a way that can’t be explained. This idea runs through many faiths.

Our trouble is, we live in physical world and the mind, logic, common sense is deemed to be a much stronger judge of character than the heart, the gut, the soul, the instinct. People who live from the heart and soul will understand what I mean. This idea of firmly knowing something in your soul conflicts with what the world and your mind conditions you to believe. You then begin a process of conflict, flicking back from heart to mind, back and forth. Confusion ensues!!

Recently, I’ve been in this state of conflict. It is hard to stay firm to what you believe to be true. It is something that takes a lot of strength, patience and courage. I’m not doing the best job, but I’m doing what I can because I have to be honest and true to my own soul. Its funny how you ask for signs and they appear, but you still continue to doubt. This is ego, fear. Sometimes it is easier to take the path of least resistance, but there is more than one way to fight.

I’ve had some interesting experiences lately, and I’ve been thinking about this thing we call Love. You’ll see this in my last post. I’ve learnt that the path is written, and I’m holding on because of what I know to be true. In the last few weeks, I’ve been stretched and broken but I know what I know and this is what gives me the patience to keep going. “Even after all this time, I’m still here. Because when love is true, it waits.” Its the continuous Love and strength that I am receiving from the Divine that tells me to be patient and all will fine.

I think our previous experiences in life teach us to expect a pattern of failure, and lessen our self worth. It is only when you yourself can see the cycle and break it, do things begin to change. I have spent the last year breaking cycles, doing things differently and I can’t believe the distance I have travelled. Take nothing for granted though. Through this process, I’ve learnt about my own fears and insecurities and I’m working through them. If I break now, I can forgive myself, but I know I want to move forward not backwards.

When you see a diamond and it sparkles and it is perfection, always remember that to get to that stage, it has been subject to the weight of the world. Sometimes life squeezes you in this way. It is the Divine’s way of testing how strong you are. Once you start making yourself strong again, you will be ready to receive what is to come. It is all being planned for us, and He only intends good for us. It feels like nothing but pain at the time, but always remember you’re being prepared for the rest of your journey.

My soul knows what is written, and this pain is necessary, but I know the only thing I need to do is to ride the storm and stay true to what I know. It will be worth waiting for, I’m almost strong enough to receive it. So I continue onwards, working on myself, being mindful, losing the worry, doubt, stress. Love myself, love my creator and by the good He has put in me, know that I trust in Him completely. What is good will move forward.

Peace, Love and Blessings to all


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