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Hello beautiful souls,

Today, I want to talk about the idea of change and how it is so damn disruptive!! I say this because for most of my clients, they will think about it for ages before actually booking in for a session. Nobody comes before they are ready, but I thought some words on this might be of some support for those of you who are considering making changes in your life.

The first thing that’ll happen is you’ll have the idea. This either arrives on its own or as a result of the situations around you. At that point you know there is something you need to do for yourself. Don’t for a second think that you are the only one not acting on your good ideas. We all have this going on. We want to wait until it feels right, or we want to wait until we are ready and this is fair enough. Personally, it takes me a while to process but when I take the step its usually a big one. All or nothing. Not everyone is the same though. Sometimes making a small move starts the process. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

So now let’s say that you think you need some healing of some description – this is the solution that you want to seek. Usually what happens is that you think of all the things you have to get done first. This is great, because you end up doing a lot in the process of avoiding the one thing you know you need is a priority. I think what happens is that we busy ourselves with helping other people. I’m guilty of this myself. To be fair, it usually makes us feel more drained. At this point we realise that although helping others helps to fill us up, we need to do more for ourselves.

“If only I had time.” There is always time. When you are constantly giving time and energy to others, it can feel like there’s no space for you so even if you did want to go ahead and do it, it would be a lot of hassle to move everything around. I always suggest to clients to make a date with themselves. It doesn’t have to be a whole day. Just a couple of hours in the diary, arranged in advance that sets out a commitment for some time with yourself. A good friend of mine calls this “PQT” or personal quality time. I know recently I’ve felt like I’ve been giving so much and this was the one thing that was missing.

When you stop and think about how kind you are to yourself, you realise how much you neglect your own needs in the process of keeping life rolling. It doesn’t have to be like this. I’m learning this for myself now and I’m finding that it’s quite a discipline! It can be challenging, but for me I know that my health, well-being and happiness is my priority. It is also something that only I can take responsibility for. When you choose to give yourself something, you’re saying that you are just as important as everyone you care for.

I think this world makes us think that we are being selfish if we give ourselves a little. The way I see it, the more I give myself, the better I feel and the more I can give to those around me.

When I reflect on things, especially when I avoid things it’s because it means I need to change something. So its not that I don’t want to help myself, of course I do. It’s because a lot needs to change for me to take the time to do these things. Then I realise that I’ve set it up that way and it’s the change that presents the obstacle not anything else. We love to build patterns around us, little walls around the things that are familiar that protect us from anything that needs changing.

I know how scary it is to rock the boat. I guess that’s what I’m saying to you. That one small step can lead you on a journey of a thousand steps. Don’t focus on that, just focus on the one step at a time. Be GOOD to yourself, do lovely things for you, buy yourself something nice, indulge in your favourite food. Whatever it is that makes you feel selfish, that’s the thing you need to be doing to get over that feeling.

You’ll realise giving to yourself feels good, and balance that with how much you give to others and the world will feel very different. I’m here when you’re ready. Details of all my courses and treatments can be found on my website www.healingworksreiki.com

Love and light,

Hafsa xx

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