What have you let yourself in for?

I didn’t know much about Maori healing before I had my session. I’d heard it could be pretty intense, and I’d seen a few videos. I didn’t want to watch too many as it looked pretty painful! I’d travelled all the way to Bristol for this experience, and as I rang the host to let her know I was outside, I could hear someone in there screaming in the background. I thought, “what have I let myself in for here?”

So you’ve booked in for a healing session, you’ve read a few reviews and you’re wondering what exactly it is that’s going to happen? I wanted to share this story just to make you feel a bit more at ease. You know when you book yourself in for these things, and you have no idea what to expect? Well, just to reassure you that I’ve been there and I came out of it much better than when I went in!

The last few months had been intense. I had been through so much heartbreak. I was in a permanent state of anxious, and I felt like I was being dragged through glass. I’d not slept for weeks, I’d hardly eaten because of the anxiety. I’d had to have time off work and my life had really fallen apart. I was at my wits end and I needed something…I didn’t even know what it was but I had to fix up and I was sick of feeling so down and so empty. It was like watching life from a goldfish bowl and not being able to connect with anyone or anything. I’d try to do it for myself – I was meditating all the time and doing my self-healing that I’d been taught in Reiki but I just couldn’t lift the fog.

When I booked the session, my heart was pounding as I was asking questions like, “will it hurt?” I didn’t know what was about to happen to me, I didn’t care what it was going to cost, but I was willing to give it a go. Imagine that, I was willing to drive all the way to Bristol to put myself through potentially physical pain and the mighty unknown, all in the hope that I would feel better. That’s where I was at and this was the only hope I had of feeling even a smidge better. I really was rock bottom, and that smidge was the only hope I had.

So I went up, and was greeted by this larger than life Maori man. This man’s energy was phenomenal. I immediately felt calm in his presence. He had a kind face, and it was just his warmth that put me at ease straight away. He explained a little bit about how he worked, but it was hard to listen when you’re crapping your pants. As I lay down on the therapy table, I thought “Nothing can be as bad as what I’m going through. I’m shitting it but if this makes me feel better, the pain will be worth it.”

He started with a prayer. I was lying there with my eyes closed and as he was praying, I felt a drop of water on my face so I opened my eyes and he was still behind me praying. I closed my eyes, and it happened again. That’s when I knew I was in for some sort of miracle and this was some next level thing about to happen.

He worked on a very physical level, applying pressure in different places and as he was working, insights were coming to him and he was sharing things with me. He described me accurately. He could really see who I was and what it was inside me that was causing me pain. It was mind-blowing, and although there were elements of the session that were really painful, it was a different kind of pain. I could feel old wounds being released. I could feel where my body was holding on to pain, and I could feel it being pulled out and making me feel lighter.

I felt strange after the session, like I’d made some space for my own healing. I felt lighter in a way I’d not felt in months. It was like I’d given myself permission to start feeling better. This was the beginning for me. That session was where I really started owning my healing journey and building the strength and confidence I needed to get to where I wanted to go. What I experienced in those 2 hours changed me in a deep and transformative way. It was this session that led to my healing old wounds and insecurities. It helped me understand why things were like they were in my life, and what I was doing to stop it from getting better. It made sense to me why my life had been the way it had been. I could see where I was in denial and where I was holding back.

It was a deeply moving experience and it left a lasting impact. Once I’d created space for my own healing, things started to really take shape. Although there was more heartbreak to come, I felt so much stronger. I’d brought a lot of stuff to the surface, really deep stuff but as that started to clear, I really began to find my way. Since that day, I’ve kept working hard on myself and I’ve continued that commitment to my own healing. In these two years, I’ve travelled a phenomenal distance and those of you who have followed my journey so far will know this and seen it for yourself.

The only way I can teach people about healing is for me to do my own and share my experiences and what I am learning. This is what I’m about. It’s not just plucked from thin air. Sometimes what I give is poetic and fluffy, and there’s times where I need to get real with you. What I give is from my own experience and comes from my heart and soul. When you’ve lived it and come through the other side, it puts you in a place where you can light up your own pain and experience in a way that shows others how to get through things much quicker and with a lot less pain than you had to go through. This is why I love my work. I have an ability to really reach in and find you, and then I help bring you back much stronger. I did it for me, so I know how to do it for you.

So if you’re tentative on working with me, I hope you now understand that I wouldn’t ask you to put yourself through something I wouldn’t put myself through. I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t had the courage to make that booking. Look at what it did for me and imagine what healing could do for you. What I’ve achieved is immense, and I’m still writing the story. As I keep working on me, there’s so much more I can help people with.

What’s your story going to be? You know you can choose what happens next…your first step is to make that call and you can ask me what you like. I’m about making your life happen…and bringing out the best of you.

Let’s do this!



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