What is a Soul Blueprint?

Everyone is born with a unique Soul Blueprint.

What is a Soul Blueprint? Just as your DNA contains the information for your physical being, your Soul Blueprint is made up of light codes that contain the information for your journey, your lessons and your purpose here on planet Earth.

The Earth itself has it’s own Soul Blueprint. I like to think of this as the Master Plan or Programme Management Document. Each of us are like individual projects within this Overarching Programme and we have our own Project Management Document – our Soul Blueprint.

Each Project/Soul is linked to and has interdependencies on other Projects/Souls. These are all outlined in the Programme Management Document or Universal Overarching Soul Blueprint. Each Project/Soul undertakes tasks or lessons that impact on others and so Projects/Souls can begin to identify their interdependencies through a process of taking action.

The more they connect in with their Project Management Document/Soul Blueprint, the better able they are to navigate this life and their ascension, their purpose and reason

Now you can see that 14 years as Project Manager wasn’t wasted!!

I work with both your Unique Soul Blueprint and help you find your place in the Universal Overarching Soul Blueprint. One to One Divine I AM transmissions are a deep way of working with your Soul Blueprint and lead to powerful shifts in consciousness. Check out this link to find out more…

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