You can go and love yourself!

February is the month of Loving…Loving yourself! I had to borrow this from my old friend Justin Bieber…yes a guilty pleasure and no I’m not ashamed!!!

January has been a whirlwind month for everyone and I know a lot of people have felt like things have been at a standstill. February’s energy feels lively and for a lot of people will bring some massive shifts. The thing with energy shifts is that nothing will happen until you are ready, and one of the ways in which we prepare ourselves is through taking some positive action and making that step forward.

The key to success is clearing your emotional baggage so that you can get on with enjoying your life!!

If you’re searching for a route to finding your inner peace, you’ve come to the right place.

What would happen if…

  • Your thoughts were positive and helpful?
  • You could switch off that negative chatter in your mind?
  • You knew what your life purpose was?
  • You were living your life to your full potential?
  • You weren’t bothered by anything?
  • You were ready to take action to make your dreams reality?

This is what regular healing sessions and learning Reiki have done for me, and now I want to show you what’s possible for you. Those of you who have followed my journey have seen me grow from being apprehensive, fearful and worried to being a confident, joyful and successful woman. I am the biggest advert for what I do and that’s why I want to help you.

You could carry on feeling tired, stressed, emotionally and physically drained. Play that through and give some real thought to what happens if you carry on the way you are feeling about life. You could dream your dream, and never have the confidence to take that next step to make it a reality. You could let people keep pushing you around and not take your power back. You could keep taking that long sigh and never feel any relief.

Or you could make some time for yourself to really find out what’s under the surface and release it so that it doesn’t hold you back ever again. You could book your session and find out for yourself why I’m always raving about how brilliant it is. I can’t sell anything I don’t believe in. I believe in my work and I believe in how much it can help you.

All it takes from you is that one little step towards healing and that’s where change begins. I’ve followed enough client journeys now to know how much of a difference it makes for people. You only have to read my reviews to get a picture.

Book in February and you will receive £10 off your next session. You’ll receive this discount every time if you recommend a friend. And the customary strapline….


Sessions can now be purchased on the website and booked by phone or email.

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