Your WellBeing Toolbox…

So you’re having one of those days where everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. It started with spilling coffee over your crisp white shirt, the kids wouldn’t get a move on so you were late leaving the house and you forgot there was roadworks, so you got stuck in traffic and you’re late for work. Finally you get in to the office, all you want is more coffee. There’s a mountain of stuff in your in-tray. You’re wondering why you took that early finish yesterday. Your boss walks in, “Can I have a word?” Your heart beats faster, you could swear it’s palpitations. You walk in to his office, he sits you down, and tells you you’ve been chosen to head up a high profile project. You’re thrilled to bits and can’t wait to make a name for yourself. You walk back to your desk, and you realise you’ll have to get on top of the current backlog. As you sink in to your seat, it feels like the computer is swallowing you up. Your phone buzzes a text, “Working late hun. Can you pick the kids up today?” Your heart sinks, the phone rings. It’s Dave from accounts asking for those budget figures that he was chasing last week. You open your calendar and you’ve got half an hour until you’re in meetings until lunch. Trying to stay calm and focus, you start on the in-tray. The inbox says 125 unread emails. Your head starts to spin, and your eyes glaze over. Keep breathing. You’ll end up taking work home tonight then so no chance of switching off, and it’s only Wednesday.

Sounds familiar? That was me when I worked in the Public Sector and days like these pile on top of more days like these, and before you know it you feel stressed. The thing with stress is that it can creep up on you. You feel like you’re managing, but slowly it’s building up. It’s like background noise. We’re not taught to recognise it, we’re taught to keep going until we crash and burn! It feels like you’re managing, but all the while you’re feeling more and more tired. It takes ages getting to sleep at night, or you fall asleep straight away from exhaustion and then wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to fall asleep again. Mornings are sluggish as you drag yourself out of bed. You’re useless until you’ve had your coffee. You come home and snap. This is burnout.

I see this in people day in, day out and you can see how hard it is for them to just chill. When I ask the question, “what do you do in your me time?” the response is either “what’s me time?” or “I used to do…”

It’s almost like we draw a blank when it comes to our own WellBeing. We get really good at telling friends and family, you need to chill and take it easy but when it comes to our own stuff, the answer is “erm.”

One of the things I offer to clients is a guide to creating their own WellBeing Toolbox. Just like your DIY Toolbox will have all the stuff you need in it, this is like the mental and emotional WellBeing equivalent. It’s a handy guide that has a brilliant list of things to do to help reduce your stress level. The guide helps you to create a WellBeing Toolbox for yourself which you can print off and use every day, or whenever you need it. It’s your “go to” resource when you’re stressed, and the guide takes you through the things you can put in it to build it in a way that suits you. It’s a really handy tool, and my coaching clients find this really useful.

I’m currently offering it as a free resource. If you would like to receive yours, please visit my website for details – Yes! Please send me my FREE guide to creating my WellBeing Toolbox Butterfly logo

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